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Meg Misses Out… for now!

Meg BatesThe powers-that-be this afternoon selected David Shearer as Labour’s candidate in the Mt Albert by-election. I’m told that Meg Bates was the outstanding speaker on every occasion when the nominees for selection faced an audience. Those, I guess, are the breaks in party politics. I wish Mr Shearer well. There seems little doubt that he will be a good candidate. But keep your eye on Meg. At 24 she already has the makings of a future Labour Prime Minister. Trust me, having worked closely with Helen Clark for 12 years, I know a winner when I see one. And Meg will be a winner.



  1. Her performance at the Selection Meeting today was so far ahead of anyone else (Rhema and Glenda did very well, but even they would admit Bates was in an altogether league) that there were a LOT of very angry and upset people there today when the decision was announced.

  2. Mr Shearer is a strong candidate and Labour are lucky to have him – his CV is quite remarkable. That being said, not selecting Meg Bates is an ‘opportunity lost’ for Labour – as she is unlikely to be able to grab the seat back and instead be forced like many young candidates to contest blue seats and try for a list placing.

  3. Since Phil Twyford is already on the Party List and in Parliament, perhaps Ms. Bates could be the ideal candidate to see off that lightweight (but Herald darling) Nikki Kaye?

  4. That’s my pick, Tom. However there’s an by-election to be won now and it’s all hands to the pump. This would be a great time for Meg to hone those campaigning skills and get out on the streets to help retain Mt ALbert for Labour.

  5. Magnificently patronizing sentiment Kev. If Shearer’s so-called selection proves anything, it’s that talent and campaigning doesn’t doesn’t count for anything in terms of one’s likelihood of being chosen as a candidate. Why should she, or any other talented aspirant, stand again only to have an 11th hour parachute candidate installed by Head Office?

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    Is Meg married by any chance?

    • Meg is in a loving relationship with a fine young man. What a friend of mine used to call ‘married but not churched’. Sorry.

  7. I thought that Meg spoke well but IMHO Rhema Vaithianathan gave the best performance.

    I hope that Meg sticks to it, gets involved in the campaign and considers standing for the list next time. Her and Rhema in an ideal would would receive a high position and would then be in Parliament. The party is looking a bit male dominated right now and the more talented women we can get up the better.

  8. Very disappointing to see your bitterness Red Horse (or should that be Crazy Horse coz you’re showing yourself to be that way inclined!). The time for that sentiment is way past and you show little depth of feeling for the party with that view. Now is not the time for recriminations. If you want to see Labour in a position of strength to return to the govt benches in 2011 then drop this crap and get out and do something to help them hold the seat – whether you’re in the Mt Albert electorate or not – it’s all hands to the pump.

    As for parachuting in, you have chosen to selectively read the commentary – David Shearer is here at Phil Twyford’s original invitation, not Goffs.

    This was not Meg’s time and from what we’ve all seen of how scared National are running with David in place, I think the electorate chose the right person. But as Jim Anderton said of Helen Clark when she ran and lost an earlier nomination, “her day will come”. And all of us who have watched Meg think exactly that of her. Even BE is saying that. We have to hold Mt Albert and can do it better with David Shearer. But I think if Meg stands for nomination to AKL Central she’ll get it and win the seat from Nikkie Kaye easily. Kev will be there campaiging for her!
    So cut the crap and get out and support the candidate who has been chosen.