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TV One’s Q&A not only continues to provide discursive and intelligent  coverage of New Zealand politics but is making much of the political news itself. Check out the metropolitan press any Monday and you’ll find two or three stories credited to the previous morning’s programme. Journalistically Q&A is putting the papers to shame.

Yesterday’s programme featured Paul Holmes interviewing Wanganui MP Chester Burrows and Wanganui mayor Michael Laws on the legislation brokered by Burrows to ban the wearing of gang patches in the city’s CBD and public areas.  Both are articulate and persuasive advocates of  the new law, but the really interesting thing about the debate was that it revealed an entirely different Michael Laws to the frequently irrational, often hysterical and occasionally crazed columnist in the Sunday Star Times. This Michael Laws was both temperate and rational in his opinions and much the better for it.

What this may demonstrate is a point I make in an earlier blog that balanced opinion is the last thing newspaper editors want from their columnists. Getting up the noses of the hoi polloi sufficiently to provoke them into penning irate letters to the editor is the order of the day.

Holmes also interviewed National’s Melissa Lee and Labour’s David Shearer, generally expected  to lead the field in what is considered to be a two-horse race for Mt Albert. The difference between the two could scarcely have been more stark. Lee is abrasive, strident, shrill, super confident and, of course, very beautiful. Shearer, quieter and less overtly political, comes across as a nice bloke – warm, pleasant, engaging. Both are highly articulate and fiercely intelligent. Lee made much of Shearer being the new boy on the block; Shearer wanted to stick to the local issues. If candidate likeability is an issue in by-elections, I thought Shearer came out well ahead. And Lee’s inability or unwillingness to commit on the tunnel versus motorway issue may well cost her.

But there are complex issues at play in Mt Albert, one of which may be the racial composition of the electorate. And panellist and former National Party President, Michelle Boag, made one fascinating observation. In a by-election, as distinct from a general election, voters know which party is going to be in power. They may well prefer to have an MP who is a member of the Government rather than a member of the Opposition. And if it doesn’t work out, they can always toss them out at the next election.

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  1. Excellent Blog. I’ve been reading along and just wanted to say hi. I will be reading more of your posts in the future.

    – Jason.

  2. Someone elsewhere pointed out that Melissa Lee is South Korean but described as Asian, while the large proportian of Asians in Mt Albert are Chinese. A broad brush those Asians!

  3. Hey Brian,

    Delighted to see you’re appreciating our hard work. Thanks for the kind words.

    Tim Watkin
    Producer, Q+A

    • No problem, Tim. Only significant improvement would be for TVNZ to put the show on in peak time. And maybe you could have that Brian Edwards on the panel occasionally. I hear he’s bloody good.

  4. Yes, Peak time for Q+A and Bring Back Brian!

  5. I am reasonably sure Mr. Edwards you would have heard Melissa Lee’s train wreck of an interview this morning after her, ummm, train wreck comments at the public meeting last evening.

    I am wondering if fastracking raw and brittle MP’s into parliament via the party list actually in the end does them any favours?

    I find it difficult to believe that an electorate MP, honed on years of vicious parish pump electorate politics and dreary meeting with angry single issue fanatics in cold drafty halls would be making the mistakes Melissa Lee is making. Perhaps to that extent, list MP’s are second class politicians to their electorate bretheren.

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