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Plunket Loses Case Against RNZ



I read that Sean Plunket has lost his ERA case against Radio New Zealand. The Authority appears to have based its decision around the potential for a perception of conflict of interest, were Plunket to write a political column for Metro. This, as I indicated in an earlier post, was the only proper decision the Authority could come to.

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  1. The decision comes as a surprise to no one, with the result that it’s a humiliating lose-lose situation for poor ol’ ‘Plunkey’. Went strutting off to the ERA — full of bluster and bravado — to boost his gravitas; and, instead, his sense of political astuteness is found to be seriously wanting. Worse still, his relationship with his bosses is — possibly — now irreparably damaged. Maybe they were right: he should be looking for other employers.
    Just didn’t appreciate which side his bread was buttered on.

  2. I have to agree with this decision. It seems to me that there are less and less main-stream politically neutral media outlets – long may National Radio remain a guardian of truth.