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In case you wondered what Hillary and Mike do in the ad breaks…

Those boring ad breaks – how do you  fill in the time? 

Erudite conversation? Thespian bickering? Or perhaps something like this…


  1. Yeah, I gets it: the real talent of newsreaders lies not so much in reading the news, as it is with their — seated — vaudeville antics during the ad breaks. The shadow-synchronisation must’ve taken hours to perfect.

    Actually, they provide the case, for tandem newsreaders being a bit of a joke.

  2. 2

    Merv – I see your comment was recorded near midnight. Tired at the end of a long & dreary day were you? Hate the thought of some other buggers having a bit of fun?

  3. “I see your comment was recorded near midnight”.

    Ha! You proved them, wrong. They said, you couldn’t tell time by the 24-hour clock.