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How To Give A Cat A Pill (A little light relief!)

cat_rain1Among the many qualities which I admire in my wife is her courage. True, she cannot climb a ladder, remove a dead mouse from a trap or dispose of a weta, but she is able to give a cat a pill. And I don’t mean hide the pill in a bowl of Jellimeat or scrunch it up with some yummy topside mince. I mean that she is able to prise open the cat’s mouth, place a pill at the back of its tongue, then close itsĀ  mouth again and stroke its throat, so that it swallows the pill.

I was reminded of this particular skill when our lovely Burmese cat, Max, returned home yesterday limping and looking sad. He’d been in a fight with the ginger tom next door and had a gaping wound in one of his front paws. Time for antibiotics. JUDY!!!!!

There is of course a knack to giving a cat a pill, just as there is a knack to crocodile wrestling, lion taming and bomb-disposal. The problem is that the knack can only be obtained by trial and error and, in the case of giving a cat a pill, the error part has unwelcome consequences, the commonest being lacerations to the hands and face, sometimes requiring hospitalisation. Small wonder that grown men and the occasional vet blanch at the thought of giving a cat a pill.

My wife was taught to give a cat a pill by the excellent Ponsonby vet after I had explained that I suffered from a rare tropical disease, contracted in the Amazon rainforest, which makes me fatally allergic to feline lacerations. Quite simply, I would die if a cat scratched me. I mention this only because I do not want it thought that I am some sort of pathetic wimp, too chicken to pop a pill down the throat of a pussycat. But if I were, there would be no shame in it. Where pussy- pill-popping is concerned, the world is full of chickens, as the following instructions, which circulated on the Internet some years ago, clearly demonstrate: Read the rest of this entry »