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And the Vox Pop Award goes to….

When you’re freezing your butt off doing vox pops in the street, this is the woman you want to meet!


  1. Love it. Clever, humerous and with attitude. She deserves a show on HBO.

  2. She’s certainly candid. Is there an Emmy for “Best performance in a Vox Pops?

  3. A little too good to be true ?

  4. I’m inclined to side with ‘PJR’, in asking whether it’s genuine or apocryphal. Just a bit too slick.

    To me, it’s more faux populi than vox populi.

  5. Be that as it may, did the reporter get her phone number?

  6. I’m with her

  7. More importantly, what has happened to Dr Edwards?

  8. @ Ben: He’s just completed crafting two lifelike voodoo dolls — of you and me. Be scared, he’s rummaging through drawers, looking for pins as I write this.

  9. More importantly, what has happened to Dr Edwards?

    This isn’t Brian’s post, he’s probably busy doing something else.

  10. Sean, as was said on Fawlty Towers, “you should be on Mastermind; specialist subject, the bleeding obvious”.

    I asked the question because he had not participated for a while and I was concerned in case he might be ill, in which case I would have sent him my best wishes.

  11. Ben, with Chris Carter on leave it might be that BE is spending some time with him helping refine lines.

  12. Kid you not: I’ve just come back from lunch at a restaurant in Epsom, And Carter was at the table, right next to mine. He looked absolutely fine.

  13. Merv, you should know that when depressed you eat more.

  14. Ben, he was also in excellent humour. (As I expected he would be).

    Luckily, I’d finished my lunch; but I could sense it was rising.

    He was lunching with one other guy.

    • To those concerned that old age and illness have laid him low, or that he has been cavorting with pollies:

      BE has been writing a lecture on The NZ Media and Politics, which he has just delivered at Ak Uni. Hence the silence.

      Judging by the fumes eminating from his office, another of his literary gems will be appearing on this site shortly!

  15. And as BE’s “central figure” — the nexus of “Politics” and the “NZ Media” — we have the Hon. Chris Carter. Fully sated after a most excellent lunch.

  16. With all due respect to you, Judy, you see what happens to the contributions without Dr Edwards’ iron hand to keep matters under control:)

  17. back to the point-it is refreshing to see a person that couldn’t give a monkeys. isn’t blatant p*ssed off honesty brilliant and unmatched.