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Jackie Sperling Writes to Brian Edwards Media

[Over the past couple of days Jackie Sperling has commented several times on this site on the treatment she has received from the media and on how she sees herself. Her most recent comment deserves to be widely read. I am therefore publishing it on our front page with her permission.]  

I truly appreciate every single message of support that I have received. Thanks to all of you who have posted on this site for your encouraging words.

It has been an eye-opener for me to be shown how relentless the media are in their quest for a story – any story. And who they hurt in order to get that story is of no concern to them. They were not concerned about the effect that this will have had on my daughters, or how this attention could potentially have set me back.

They had no story, so they made me their story, with no regard for my children or my mental or physical well-being. Fortunately, my determination to live a good life and set a good example for my daughters for the rest of my life, is something I will never lose sight of. They were not aware of that though and, in my opinion, this past weekend has been a repulsive display of the gutter level mentality of the media.

It was a huge eye opener for me.

God works in mysterious ways though and, over the past 48 hours, the message that methamphetamine addiction is not hopeless has been spread to more people than 15 months of blogging on my part could reach.

No one is ever hopeless. There is no such thing as being too far gone down a dark road. There is always a U-turn option. There is always hope. If just one person who is currently addicted to that drug has heard that message this weekend, or if just one person who is stuck in that hideous lifestyle realises that they can change their life…then it was all worth it.

It not only turns this past weekend into something positive. It turns my terrible choices into something positive.

That, and my children, are all I care about.