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Media Tip: When good microphones go bad.

It’s easy to forget you’re wearing a microphone – or even in range of one. The hazards of the radio mic are often exploited in comedies (think Leslie Nielson in Naked Gun), but they can create very real problems  as Gordon Brown demonstrates:


If you’re in a studio, it’s worth remembering that everything you say can be heard in the control room – and possibly all around the building on the ring main – so this is not the time for intimate confessions, salacious gossip or derogatory comments.

The best way to stay out of trouble in the presence of any microphone is to behave as if it is broadcasting, or at least recording. It probably is.


  1. I dont think there is ever a good time for arrogant derogatory comments.

  2. Refreshing to hear a politician say what they really think.

  3. Could never understand why calling the woman a “bigot” was so politically damaging. Gordy made the situation a whole lot worse by actually calling on her home to apologise. Just pathetic!

  4. “Could never understand why calling the woman a “bigot” was so politically damaging.”

    Thank goodness he made no reference to the length of her skirt as well.

    OP even though the majority of the electorate probably are bigots, it is not a good idea to tell them when you are after their vote.

  5. @superCalo – absolutely. But then wriggling, grovelling and eating humble pie? What did that say about his convictions?

    ‘Tofu’ PR at its worst!