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Method acting – Shortland Street style

While we’re in the mood for a little TV nostalgia…

We went for nearly 10 years without regular local drama in the 80s. Yes, I’m talking soap opera – that’s how actors learn TV acting, crews learn their craft, directors learn how they look with grey hair. 

The 80s gave us Gloss, with its big hair and matching shoulder pads – it was slick and it was funny and it was one of the best things NZ had ever made.

But no soap. And no soap meant that for a decade actors hadn’t worked on fast-turnaround drama. And it showed.

I’m not sure of the current penalties for encouraging people into acts of masochism, but here it is – the very first episode of Shortland Street. Hilarious!

Shortland Street -Episode One



  1. Oh that was bad. Uber-masochists can make a few keyboard errors on that site and really hurt themselves. The most painful I found is but do take care!