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A little yuletide surprise – coming to a mall near you.

Merry Christmas, dear readers!



  1. Is that a deliberate ambiguity – posted by JC?

  2. Well – that was wonderful. Clever you for finding it.

    Merry Christmas, Brian and a safe, Happy New Year to you and all you love.


  3. Glorious. Beyond compare…
    Thank-you jc.

  4. Flash mob, be damned.

    Gives me the heebie-jeebies, these intrusive goody two-shoes with their annoying harmonising gospel songs.That’s right: just go ahead and hijack the foodcourt and impose yourselves upon those who want some peace and quiet, while they

    If I were there, I’d get my can of Coke, give it a vigorous shake, point then pull the tab right in front of the closest singer.

    Just because they love the sound of their own voices, it doesn’t give them the right to
    inflict it upon others.

  5. Seasons greetings to all,grinches too – and hope you have had a lovely Christmas BE and JC.

  6. Wow. Loved the apparent spontaniety and glorious music, even from my aetheistic beliefs. Many places here in the UAE make a real effort to include Christian beliefs in the shops and streets yet it is a very Muslim country. Great for tolerance and harmony. Very gracious and hospitable. Alleluya!

  7. I received this from a colleague via email a week or so ago and just loved it. Let’s face it the noise in an average foodhall in a shopping mall is mind-blowing at most times. To Ostrich – better put your head back in the sand, where it probably belongs. Seasons Greetings, Brian, Judy and all you bloggers out there.

  8. And Seasons Greetings to you, too, Jill.

    I’m prepared to bet my last French fry, that: if it had been a dispersed group of robe-wearing, cymbal-clanging Hare Krishnas breaking out into their mystical singing chants; and not the Judeo-Christian evangelical warblings which you and everyone else seem so enamoured by, it would have gone down like a stale McD’s. Not so palatable, eh?

    Intrusion is intrusion. And presumption is arrogance.

  9. And miserable, pathetic, meanness of mind and spirit is miserable, pathetic, meanness of mind and spirit.