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Just answer the question!

Sometimes even the great Jeremy Paxman can’t get a straight answer!

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  1. Who needs to create satire? Very funny or very awful. Not sure which.
    Perhaps Paxman should be authorised to administer water-boarding?
    Are Paxman or Edwards available to ask the right questions for NZ?

  2. Several questions arise for me:
    1) Why is Paxman such a good interviewer? It seems to me that his intelligent and informed calm-assertive approach, giving every opportunity for the interviewee to hoist themselves by their own petard, is far more productive than the badgering styles of many NZ ‘interviewers’. There has not been, anyone as good as him in our broadcast media for quite some time I believe – and this maybe ianmac’s point – we need someone this good (and have done since at least 1984 when radical govt policies were implemented with insufficient scrutiny from mainstream media. I would even suggest that our prime-time interviewers were and are actually complicit in many of the suspect reforms of successive govts due to their inability to tackle the deeper issues at stake).

    2) Are the obstructive tactics – dodging the question – used by most of the interviewees shown in the clip actually taught by media trainers? Obviously one payoff of such tactics is the limited interview time is spent so avoiding other potentially difficult questions that could have been asked. Certainly effective for the interviewee – even against Paxman – but not for the viewer. How could a good interviewer deal with such tactics?

  3. Its amazing how well Paxman does his interviews, I guess its just a combination of his wit and talent.