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The revenge of the customer! Telecom, Vodafone, 2Degrees – you could be next!

Sick of lousy customer service from your telco?  Then sit back, watch this and enjoy!



  1. Your captions in English appear to be uncannily like Flemish

  2. Absolutely wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. I haven’t laughed so hard in yonks! Pluddy marvelous. Anyone (which means everyone in NZ) who has ever suffered at the hands of Vodafone or Telecom needs to watch this! Customer Service at it’s best.

  5. And let us not forget that Telstra has joined the ranks of poor customer service.

  6. Terribly hilarious.
    (Last week I tried to get an existing telephone reconnected to a bach in the Sounds. It has no street address so the Telco said “No address. No phone.”
    “But the phone is there and its number was xxxxx.”
    “Sorry sir. No address. No phone.”
    I kept a tally of the 9 customer reps I repeated my problem to and not one of them was able to reconnect! Even though 8 other baches in the bay have phones and last year we had had one!)

  7. excellent

  8. Well you are all geniuses. I studied German for years and I still have no idea wht the he’ll they were doing apart from inflicting pain on some poor schmo who doesn’t make the rules.

    JC: My tame household PhD (German Literature) assures me that they aren’t speaking German – probably Flemish.

  9. I will always be wary of any answering service playing Lionel Ritchies “Hello”.Great fun!

  10. Excellent, very funny indeed …… and yet …. Dutch!

  11. Ah Mathieu, free office container for a month,

  12. It might have be funny if they’d had the boss of Mobistar on the phone.

  13. Yeah, not the poor sap near the bottom of the food chain.

  14. Brilliant. I say send this to anyone you know at a telco.