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2am: Letter from Christchurch

 Peter Hyde writes  for the ABC.   

  Here’s a powerful piece from the stricken suburbs of Christchurch:   his tale of three cities:

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  1. There is a lot of comment on Peter Hyde’s site and none to this post – so far. I have only come to this rather late. Nevertheless, I know exactly from where he is coming. In the earlier part of this week (Monday and Tuesday), there were stories on TV One about the lack of portaloos in the east. Similarly did “The Press” report. I emailed them and invited them to take a trip to Northlands Mall and report on how much use there was of the dozen or more portaloos parked at the rear entrance. I saw then there the previous Saturday when finally getting some grocery shopping done. In a ten minute period of observation, none were used. So, despite the amazing efforts of so many of this city to help our fellow citizens in distress in the eastern suburbs, the management of the Northlands Mall thought it more important for well-off residents of the west and north to have access to a portaloo whilst whiling away their time trawling around the mall. Was it that important to make portaloos available to people who should have slammed their legs shut and driven five minutes to their homes with power and water and sewage? I live close to this complex but I won’t be back and the mall management and the supermarket have been told why. The mainstream media haven’t reported on this.