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Latest! Adolf Hitler predicts rain in Hokitika

Thanks to River Howe for drawing this important news event to my attention.


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  1. He was probably right yesterday though, when he predicted that National would win the Election in 2008.

    BE: Quite. Though in November some of us may regret having made that prediction.

  2. You have been conned Brian.
    That’s not Hitler. I’m sure that that is Rob Muldoon running a cabinet meetiong.
    Well it’s either him or Norman Kirk.
    Where on earth does it really come from?

  3. Thank you. Fully understand now the meaning of luna tick.

  4. Scary. Godwin’s Law?

  5. @Alwyn. “Where on earth does it really come from”.

    From a German/Italian/Austrian film called “DOWNFALL” WITH Bruno Ganz playing Hitler.
    Don’t watch it if don’t wish to see graphic scenes of Nazis blowing their brains out with Lugers during the death throws of the Third Reich. Great film!

  6. Vas ist das ?, es ist zum kotzen !!!

  7. Thank you Edward.
    We have a fairly good Video shop nearby and they might have it.