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What we discovered about Don Brash and Rodney Hide in the past week



Ruthlessly Ambitious



Pathetic in Defeat


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  1. It puzzles me how one can reach the grand old age of 70 and remain such a bastard. One normally mellows with age, like your good self, and all the finer qualities come to the fore. It does not say much for Hide’s judgement choosing friends like this.

    As for Mr Hide; pathetic as you say. At the very least he could have provided us with some entertainment by spitting in Brash’s eye when he claimed they were good friends.

    Personally, I would not dream of treating someone who I called a friend in the way Brash has treated Hide. It is the antithesis of friendship and I would be surprised if Brash had any friends within the true meaning of the word. I hope that one day he may find out what it is like to be betrayed by someone who calls him a friend.

    And as for the voters of Epsom if they choose to vote for the Banks/Brash axis it will confirm the rest of the country’s opinions of the rich pricks in Remuera and Epsom.

  2. Mr Brash…you got balls…big balls. Really really big balls.

    Surely Labour’s next in line will be sizing them up…and considering getting his/hers out too…

    We can all laugh at Act, but this is a big game changer.

  3. Yeah – not a lot more to be said really, is there?

  4. It has all the makings of a Black Comedy.Don Brash ,Roger Douglas,John Banks ,and Rodney Hide all around the same table a comedy writers dream.May not be so funny for some of us if they get any traction in Government.

  5. Surely people don’t believe that this is the Brash and Banks show alone. National is complicit somewhere in this coup. The scary thing is, if events unfold based on the polls at present, it won’t be National just re-inventing their 1990s ideology (gosh the electorate has a short memory) to govern another term, it will be a National/Act government even more right wing with free market theorists experimenting in all areas of peoples lives. As for Hide,he lost his mojo when he was perk busted.

  6. Don Brash will be the next finance minister.

  7. don showed the gutless labour labour party how to get rid of a leader
    Swift, brutal, but effective but more importantly in the open not hiding in shadows

  8. Rod the Perk-buster, ought never have taken his girlfriend to Hawaii on his holiday. And have us, the taxpayer, pay for it. He got found out, and that proved the undoing of him.

    Hypocrisy isn’t palatable, it sticks right in my craw. Squaaaaawk!

  9. This is a pantomime of Iannucci proportions.

  10. and it’s a damned shame we’re obliged to endure it without a Charlie Booker commentary.

  11. Greard :”Don Brash will be the next finance minister.”
    And Key has given consent for Hide to be stripped of his portfolios if Act so wish. Wonder who would get them? Roger Douglas?

  12. And of Tumeke’s cartoon above? Forgot “Unscrupulous.”

  13. This could be a well orchestrated media headline grabber.

  14. Extract of a Speech published by Hon Rodney Hide at 1:11pm on 28 Apr 2011
    “The process now is for Don to join the party. His membership will be accepted by the Board on Saturday. I have asked our whip John Boscawen to organise a caucus for Saturday where Don will have my full support to be leader, and the Board will reconvene that afternoon to ratify his leadership.”
    The most worrying part in the whole take over by Don and his clique is that they have not shown any respect for democratic processes.

  15. It’ll be interesting to see the reactions of the roughly 6% of voters (about 130/140,000 people) who swung to the Key-led National Party in 2008 after refusing to vote for the Brash-led Nats in 05.

    Will the prospect of Brash extremism in the next government be enough to scare them to the Centre-Left ? If so, then we’ll have a much tighter election than most have been predicting.

    BE: Quite right. But that shift may be counteracted by Labour losing some of its supporters to Hone’s Far Left grouping.

  16. Don Brash forgot to mention the voters…

  17. Most of New Zealand agreed with Brash’s Orewa speech, and the wheel’s still in spin.

  18. BE: “But that shift may be counteracted by Labour losing some of its supporters to Hone’s Far Left grouping.”

    Which might not be all that telling, and unlikely to keep Goff awake at night. Just about ALL of them are either unemployed or unemployable, living on State welfare. Forever resentful, grasping, envious, petulant, greasy-haired and unkempt.

    And this from The Man, himself:

    They may well be Te Tai Tokerau’s “Finest”, but not exactly what you’d call Labour’s crème de la crème. One of their “Best and Brightest” is presently in Argentina.

    A recent Yahoo Xtra poll shows 85% voted against MMP. What does that tell us?

    BE: “Which might not be all that telling, and unlikely to keep Goff awake at night. Just about ALL of them are either unemployed or unemployable, living on State welfare. Forever resentful, grasping, envious, petulant, greasy-haired and unkempt.” Just a soupçon of racism there, Merv?

  19. 19

    So now that Rodney’s rubbed shoulders with the Rich and Famous, consumers and taxpayers can go to hell.

  20. Rodney Hide couldnt have been more pathetic in defeat. Brash treated him like crap and yet he was sucking up to him. Revolting to watch. Anyway, I dont like either of them.

    It really worries me if National win the next election and have Brash, Douglas, and Banks alongside them.

  21. I liked Radio Live’s photo tribute to Rodney, can’t even see the strings!

  22. I presume Don Brash is counting on John Banks to win Epsom. That way, dear Don can get into parliament via the list and not have to test his popularity directly with voters (far too risky!).

    I agree with Alex that National has very likely been involved. How convenient that John Key was overseas when Don so publicly announced his master plan.

  23. I think Brash overestimates his appeal for voters. Certainly there are those who think that National is not moving quick enough and want an increased role for ACT, but Brash himself may well be the stumbling block. His voter appeal is very limited; he has no empathy and little personality and, to quote Terry Pratchett, he is afflicted with charisn’tma. He has never been personally elected to Parliament and there is a reason for that – people don’t take to him. So he’d better hope like hell that ACT can get an electoral seat somewhere.

  24. Dandy Don is in a way, a bit similar to Osama. Both old men with old ideas but still dangerous in their own way.

    Don always looks like he’s just bitten into a green lemon!

    He is being backed by the dis-affected conservative Nats who are not happy with John Key’s ‘Middle Road” policies. They want him to pull the Nats back to the middle right again.

  25. If he can get rid of race-based policies
    in government, he may be on to something.