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A little message for the owner of a 2006 silver Aston Martin V8 Vantage, registration V8VNTG

Sunday. I had just parked my little Smart Car, value now around $15,000 in the angle parking in Wanganui Avenue, Herne Bay, just round the corner from Andiamo, when you roared up in your 2006 silver Aston Martin V8 Vantage, registration V8VNTG, value now around $110,000, slewed your pride and joy into the angle park next to mine, well over the line between us, got out, banged your door into the Smart Car, looked me up and down, then strode off without a by-your-leave or apology. You arrogant prick, you are the sort of asshole who gives rich bastards with expensive tastes and no class the bad name they deserve. Maybe you’d like to ring me to ask whether you did any damage to my little car. But I doubt that you will. It’s not the sort of thing that lords of the universe and other assorted riffraff like you consider necessary.


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saw an absolute cock driving a V8 Vantage today, plate V8VNTG.
almost mowed down a pedestrian while shooting a red light off Gillies Ave and then weaved between all the cars to get to the front of the next set of lights.
what a cock jockey
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  1. Fantastic! go get him tiger.
    Hate those bastards; they mug little old ladies cars too.

  2. Eh … if I loan you the use of the word “fucktard”, would that help?

  3. Oh Brian!!! Get another car and you will be able to become the same arrogant, better-than-you-little-car-owner, don’t value you, don’t give a f*ck if I dented MY door on your wee planet-friendly THING as your anonymous V8VNTG. Now what could be better than that?

  4. It breaks my heart to see great cars like that wasted on wankers like that.

  5. Lovely!

  6. What no rego? I would have keyed his car. That would leason him.

  7. Seems this not new…

    Thanks Mr Snoop, that’s amazing. This site is new to me.

  8. Seems this owner has used the May 1 law change to withold name-address details on the Motochek website. There was where the owner of the last plate you posted was traced and revealed from. Who’da thunk bad driving could be shielded by What I gather is an interpretation of the Official Info Act!

    BE: Curious, I agree. I would have thought the name should be available. The address is more problematic. Don’t want hordes of angry vigilantes turning up.

  9. You’re a sort of road rage magnet.

    You should have got Judy’s lipstick and written a message on his windscreen. It does no damage but is very difficult ot remove.

    An alternative and illegal option is to place a 6″ nail at an angle under one of the tyres in the direction the car will be leaving. Otherwise a matchstick in the tyre valve will produce satisfactory results.

    In a long an industrious career as a vandal I have used all three options plus the sheet of paper glued to the windscreen. If you read in the paper one day of a geriatric hooligan deflating tyres, that will be me.

  10. Just imagine if that other driver had been in a BMW with a heated seat…this little story may have been all over the front page of the Dipton Gazette. I suggest you trade your Smart Car in for a Caterpillar truck and get real satisfaction when leaving carparks occupied by similar tosspot drivers!

  11. Brian you are suffering from envy of the rich as outlined by John Key. In another world you would treasure the dent as you are one who was favoured by the touch of the rich and famous. You could name-drop his car make at dinner parties creating more envy from around the table. Think of the positives man. When you get a ticket for driving too slowly, admire the speedster in V8VNTG as he expertly whips past the officer, swerves around the pedestrians, through the red light in the time it takes to write out your ticket. Wow!

  12. Right wingers always thing its “envy”.. its not…..they just tend to be wankers!

  13. .Now that the partcipants of the Edwards Blogisphere are onto him its a matter of time before OH WOE is HE.

  14. You realise that his vehicle was parked illegally, if it was over the line separating the parking bays. Just because your smart car is small doesn’t excuse the offence.
    You are well within your rights to telephone the local council and report any such offence. It comes under ‘parked without consideration for other motorists’. There is usually a parking officer somewhere in that area or they will send one out.
    Hopefully, getting a few tickets will put him off being such a spoiled brat.

  15. From the day it was born:

  16. Paint stripper or hydraulic fluid works for me.

  17. 17

    Pam of Invercargill

    The arrogant Aston Martin-er type makes my blood boil. They’re down there with those stinkers who park in disabled parks. I’m tempted to carry round with me fast-setting glue to squirt into their keyholes or over their windscreen. You can also glue a sign on their windscreen or glue their doors closed.

  18. New York City had problems with people continuing to park on the side of the road that the sweeper was meant to clean that day. Fines didn’t work so they took to putting dirty great sticky labels with adhesive that took hours to remove on the windscreen, problem solved everyone was shit scared to get a sticker. carry a few of those A4 sheets of laser label paper and stick it on the screen, especially when the sun is shining and put a smile on your face!