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The Hollow Men – free DVD of the documentary

Last night we watched Alister Barry’s documentary The Hollow Men.  An excellent film, based on Nicky Hager’s book of the same name.

If the details of the 2005 election have faded into the mists of time this is an eye-opener. It’s also well worth reminding ourselves about some of the shenanigans that went on, with Don Brash now leading the Act Party.

This is your chance to get a copy of the documentary. Trevor Mallard has copies to give away. If you email your name and address to me at:, I’ll send it on to him. Trevor’s only request – pass it on when you’ve watched it!

And my own suggestion – read the book as well, for the extra details. Apart from being a brilliant piece of investigative journalism, it’s a real page-turner. The Hollow Men, by Nicky Hager, published by Craig Potton.

UPDATE Still a few DVDs available – Trevor has a secret store!

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  1. The documentary is also available free online at nzonscreen.

    It can be found at

    Many New Zealand internet service providers give unmetered access to this website so it doesn’t count towards your monthly data allowance. Check with your isp first though.

    JC: Thanks for the link, Graham.

  2. Fascinating as my partner and I were in The Tauaranga Library last Friday and amongst their books and DVDs for sale was Alistair Barry’s documentary. Read the promo n the cover and said “Oh My God” here we go again. And yes there was the shadow of the master puppeteer Roger Douglas again with Don Brash as the chief marionette. Bought it and vowed to share it with as many people as possible.

  3. Boy, some people are running scared. I wonder why.

  4. Possibly rates up there with John Clarke’s “The Games”

  5. wasnt 2005 the election where labour overspent by 850k and then changed the law to make it legal
    Also a year before they had changed the law to cover up harrys mistake with the passport.

  6. The documentary is chilling; DB is a scary old codger

  7. “The documentary is chilling; DB is a scary old codger”.

    Yeah, but ‘DB’ doesn’t quietly sniff-and-weep like a schoolgirl with a delicate ego; the way Helen Clark did, when Tittiefy wouldn’t let her speak at the junk Waitangi Day ‘celebrations’, a few years ago. And who who blame Tittiefy for that?

  8. There’s also a very interesting blog about this film at:

  9. Merv, not a good idea to have ‘DB’ and schoolgirl in the same sentence.

  10. Excellent movie, and an excellent book.

    My favourite scene in the movie is when John Key is trapped in his own lie by a film crew. I don’t want to ruin it for everyone else, you’ll know when you see it. That’s worth the price of admission alone!

  11. (1) Asset sales/Privatisation

    (2) Foreign Ownership of Farms

    (3) Brash Extremism

    Three mutually-reinforcing issues that the Centre-Left need to hammer home this Election.

  12. Oops post disappeared.
    The growth of blogging might have an effect on the spread of hollow mens’ efforts this election more than last time .

    Merv. See you are back to your old ways like at the last election.

  13. I found Farrer’s rebuttal of it pretty feeble – nothing of real substance was offered.

  14. Thanks Brian,I received a copy of The Hollow Men yesterday and am hoping to watch it this weekend.

  15. Thanks for my copy of The Hollow Men which arrived today,looking forward to it.

  16. Thanks for my copy of The Hollow Men which arrived today. I look forward to viewing it tomorrow.