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“The PM’s Speech” – A dramatic account of John Key’s struggle with prunciation!

Thanks to Greg Goodyer.

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  1. I think there has been a bit of digital manipulation to make the PM sound worse than he normally does.

    BE: Thanks Edward. Hadn’t appreciated this was actually the PM.

  2. I also have issues with what he’s saying.

  3. No Edward. He has seemed to have improved his delivery. Keep up the good work John.

  4. Piplov Nuzlin, Plisdun Makfenov Graytlida!

  5. pervertly gud nuzild unglish toomy.

  6. I must say I expected his pronunication to improve once he became PM – aren’t they supposed to have speech coaches along with media advisors and spin doctors? Even Jim Bolger managed to improve his delivery after becoming PM – didn’t he?

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    Raymond Francis

    There was quite a strong meme on Public Address when John Key became PM
    “He doesn’t talk like us”
    Which tells us more about the complaint (left leaning liberal?) than it does about the PM

    Like-wise someone with a whinny Irish accent is in no position to point the borax at a real NZer

  8. Notice that when Key reads his speech he conscientiously enunciates but somehow the mouth opening and delivery seems slow and artificial. As though he is talking to an elderly deaf person. He does have lessons it seems but it all collapses when he is speaking off the cuff.

  9. I believe John Key’s speech is no worse than that of most New Zealanders, but that most of us speak dreadfully. (Helen Clark’s voice was clearer, but irritating in a different way.)

    In a survey not too long ago, the New Zealand male accent was rated the dumbest in the English-speaking world. Sadly, I think that’s a fair assessment, though personally I would have opted for the NZ female. (“Hullo Telecom, Brenduh speakung!”)

    Now given that Kiwis are among the most widely-travelled people on the planet, we are surely at a serious disadvantage if we go out into the big wide world unable to make ourselves clearly understood.

    I think it might be time to address this issue in schools.

  10. BE: Thanks Edward. Hadn’t appreciated this was actually the PM.

    May as well be I guess. The state house, pudding basin hair cut doesn’t look quite right for John Key. I must admit, I only watched the clip once and was completely taken in. Certainly a good double and emulator of our P M’s speech. Very clever indeed! Thank you for that.

    BE: A pleasure. The fact that you were taken in is a real compliment to Greg Goodyer, who should have lots of work up until the election. I think he’s brilliant.

  11. 11

    onya, Greg Goodyer.

    It snot his niuzild eccent thets weid…he jist torks weid. koinda loik jim bolja torks weid. but difrint.

    Oi rekin he torks slipry…his tung sloids ova his werds…leeveeng them drencht in saloiver…he has to slerp tha jooss bak in afta evree sentence.

    PS oim no snob…moi niu zild eccent is real choice

  12. The prymista’s overseas police protection entourage was actually a group of interpreters, required so that the royal family, other prymistas etc. could have some idea of what the Newzild prymista was saying.

  13. It’s not his fault that he speaks with a lithp.

  14. Wow – there are a lot of Labour people who cannot rationally accept that John Key is very popular with the New Zild public. The Labour Party’s plan of keeping away from the issues and mounting continual ad hominen attacks, which is apparently orchestrated by chief stategist Pete Hodgson,is simply not working. As a long time Labour supporter, I cringe with embarrassment everytime they come out with another one. Why don’t they read the polls, accept that attacking John Key is not doing themselves any favours, just lay off him for a while and come up with some credible alternative policies. Removing GST off fresh fruit and veges is not one of these because it ignores the commercial reality that this is one of the areas that supermarkets make their greatest profits and GST or not they will just lift their prices to a point the market can stand. The government can’t control the supermarket chains’ profits and this policy is doomed to fail.

  15. Reminds me of the old advert (I think for Memorex tape) with a “new” set of lyrics for Desmond Dekker’s song The Israelites. Ahem…. mememememe:

    Why find my kids, they buck up and a leave me
    Darling cheese-head I was yards too greasy
    Ooh-ooh, me ears are alight

    Sounds just like the original…