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A Short Lissun on to how to speak and understand Kiwi


  1. Hi Brian, I usually enjoy your insightful posts, but today you have posted a video made by an Australian sniggering at our accent, what is the point?

  2. Noice! We generally don’t mind what the Convict Cuzzies fink of us – so nuffin diff’ vere bro. But – as we’re on the subject, a couple of “backatchas”…

    “Made” – How Aussies refer to blokes whose name they’ve forgotten, or can’t learn.

    “Spoid” – Often prefaced with “Amoizing” – this is what fast cars do at Bathurst, Made…

    “Bison” – In the Sth Hemisphere, generally what an Aussie will wash his foice & hands in… Up Norf, it’s a big hairy cow
    Chur – umm … cheers – onyamade

  3. This from the nation that gave us:

    Orshtraya – that’s where they live.

    Koiwoi – a small flightless bird on our side of the Tasman.

    Even our Prime Minister calls it Orshtraya. Time for us to ignore their silliness about our accent. If anyone should cringe about how they pronounce the English language, it shouldn’t be Koiwois.

    On another note, why do Orshtrayan female news reporters finish the last five or six syllables of their spoken reports two octaves below their normal speaking voice? And why have New Zealand female news reporters atarted doing the same?

  4. Bewdy!!