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Russell Brand Improvises a Shakespearean Backstory for almost Five Minutes (Amazing!)

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  1. brilliant !

  2. I can’t make out the brand of water he’s drinking, but believe me, I know I want some.

  3. Helen Mirren agrees & has the underpants to prove it ..

  4. The other guy in the clip was Alfred Molina, well known in thespian circles. Obviously impressed with Mr.Brand’s incredable improv skills.

  5. Bring back “Just a Minute”.I still give the nod to the late Sir Clement Freud although Russell Brand seems to be heading in the right direction.Alfred Molina’s repetition call is drafted directly from “Just A Minute’

  6. He’s a clever and thoughtful guy underneath that larrikin image. His column in the Guardian about the UK riots is well worth reading, ( as is his tribute to Amy Winehouse (on his blog.)

    BE: Thanks for that, Judith. The Guardian article is brilliant.

  7. Stunning.
    Now I’m off to re-read The Tempest.