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Jerusalem in a Green and Pleasant Land – rebuilt and not a pretty sight!


This is one of the least offensive of a series of photographs of ‘revellers’ on a Saturday night in Cardiff. The pictures, taken by 34-year-old Polish photographer Maciej Dakowicz, accompanied an article on binge drinking in Britain’s Mail Online. The article was headed “Captured on our streets by a foreign lens, shaming images that turned Britain into a laughing stock”. As I looked at the photographs I wondered whether “a foreign lens” might capture the same or similar images in this country as we celebrate the Rugby World Cup. Or at any other time. I’m grateful to my old friend Ivan Strahan for sending me the link. Let me know what you think.


What really happened after the RWC opening night fiasco – the view from the Bunker!


Find an adjective to describe the New Zealand media’s coverage of what happened at Queenstown’s Altitude Bar last Saturday

I’ve been trying to come up with a few adjectives to describe the New Zealand media’s coverage of the alleged impropriety between English rugby player Mike Tindall – husband of the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips – and ‘an unidentified blonde woman at Queenstown bar Altitude last Saturday’. You may care to add some of your own, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • voyeuristic
  • sad
  • infantile
  • grubby
  • salacious
  • sick
  • destructive
  • cheap
  • keyhole
  • smutty
  • intrusive
  • tabloid
  • prying
  • squalid
  • pernicious
  • pornographic
  • sleazy
  • worthless

So that’s a start to describe coverage of this particular non-story on One News, 3 News, on commercial and non-commercial radio networks, in the New Zealand Herald, the Dom Post, the rest of the Stuff stable, the ‘women’s mags’ and every other ‘news’ outlet in the country, excepting those who might like to put up their hands and say, ‘Wouldn’t have touched it with a barge pole!’ I’ll happily print your denial.

What a tragic indictment of journalism in this country. What a badge of dishonour against the names of every journalist whose by-line or name appeared in one of these print or video nasties.

Turns out the ‘mystery woman’ was an old friend of both Mike and Zara.  Still, Rupert would be proud of you, ladies and gentlemen.

[I’m told that Prime did not cover the story. Well done, Prime.]


My pick for the most effective spokesperson for any New Zealand organisation, public or private

She’s intelligent, persuasive, highly articulate, has a great sense of humour, looks good  and her job requires her to defend what many Kiwis regard as the sometimes indefensible actions of the organisation she represents. She’s National Manager of Road Policing, Superintendent Paula Rose, and absolutely no-one in any PR role in New Zealand does it better. Here she is doing her thing on last night’s 3News:



This Labour Government Does Not Speak for Me – A Brian Edwards Retrospective

In my beloved Rarotonga I got a bug, spent one night throwing up and the next four days with agonising stomach cramps. Not too long after getting home, I caught another bug and spent five days blowing my nose every 40 seconds, coughing up something unmentionable and chain-sucking Strepsils. A woman would have soldiered on, but I am a man and, early in the piece,  took to my bed which pleased the cats hugely.

This is why there have been no new posts on the site for some time. I’ve not been a well man. I need to conserve my strength. And would you really have wanted a rugby heretic like me writing about the Rugby World Cup?  (Actually I thought the opening ceremony and the fireworks were absolutely brilliant and would have been even more brilliant if only Wendy and Andrew had been struck down with laryngitis.  And Murray McCully has behaved appallingly over the last few days, while Len Brown has handled himself with restraint, dignity and grace. –  End of biting and insightful RWC analysis.)

Anyway, to fill the space, I thought you might be interested to read a piece I wrote for the Dominion Sunday Times in November 1987 after one term of ‘Rogernomics’.  It’s idealistic and naive in parts – I’m not sure we’d get very far without competition – but it more or less expresses my core political philosophy. And it still has relevance today.   Read the rest of this entry »


Owen Glenn Has A Change Of Heart

At 8.35 PM on Monday September 5 the on-line Herald reported Owen Glenn as having said: “I’ll donate the $100m no matter who wins the election.” The donation to New Zealand youth, which he had announced on Saturday’s The Nation, would no longer be contingent on National/ACT winning the November election. Mr Glenn said his commitment to this country was not politically motivated and he was not trying to influence the outcome of the election through the announcement.

No reason was given in the Herald story for the Monaco billionaire’s change of heart.


Bored with your Monaco millions? Why not buy an election?


On The Nation this weekend, ex-pat Owen G. Glenn magnanimously offered to pour over $100 million into youth initiatives after the election. Here are a couple of extracts from the interview:

Q: Are you giving any money this election to any political party, or just advice?

A: Well, I’m giving everybody advice, aren’t I? I’m coming back in October and I’m going to hold a press conference. And I’m going to announce some pretty major initiatives.

Q: Is that money going to be spent here?

A: In New Zealand.

Q: For?

A: Mainly for New Zealand youth. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. Then I’ll be happy to answer any questions you want to ask me. [laughs]

Q: Well, let’s explore it. And I’m not going to ask you to shoot your bolt right here and now…

A: It’s  not ready…

Q: So we’re talking about hundreds of millions invested in New Zealand youth?

A: Let’s say at least a hundred.  …..

Q: Does it matter who wins the election as to whether or not you proceed with the plan?

A: I think very much so.

Q: So you would think about not doing this initiative…

A: Well look, let’s put it in perspective. I think National has a better shot at it, particularly if ACT is part of it. Because, if I say ACT goes a little bit hard on the Right, if there is temper [?] there, they’re not bad people, actually very good people.

Q: OK. Can I ask you then: you’re prepared to invest hundreds of millions in New Zealand education, for young people…

A: I said at least a hundred million…

Q: … if National and ACT win the next election?

A: That’s correct.

When we’re strapped for cash, performing dentistry on a gift horse could be regarded as bad form. Never mind that  $100 million is a drop in the bucket compared with Government’s spending – it’s a very large drop in a very small bucket.

The problem is that the generous Mr Glenn has probably committed an offence under the Electoral Act 1993 by tagging on the proviso that he will give the money only if National/ACT win the election in November: Read the rest of this entry »


So you thought your dog was clever! Check this out!


When Business and Decency Conflict (includes my nomination for Asshole of the Year – so far.)

Now just in case you missed it, please start by reading this report from Bernard Orsman in last Monday’s Herald

Now take a look at what the editor of the Ponsonby News, John Elliot, had to say in a column in the most recent edition: Herne Bay Shattered by Landlord’s Callousness.   

‘… their landlord, Jon Sandler, has not only refused to renew their lease, but left it to the last possible moment to tell Geraldine the bad news . “Be out by 31 August” was his last edict. The legality around this will be handled by lawyers… It is the sheer inhumanity of the action that beggars belief.

‘Up and down the street, which is my local neighbourhood precinct, shopkeepers whom I respect have scurrilous things to say about Jon Sandler. Sharon Watson, owner of Toi Toi Florists just up the road from Herne Bay Pharmacy, used to be a tenant of Sandler’s. She is vitriolic in her criticism of how he treated her before she got out and started in new premises. It may well be that this man dots the  i’s and crosses the t’s legally , but the question is whether he always acts honourably in his business dealings.

‘My guess is that a new chemist shop, with Jon Sandler’s personal involvement, will struggle for local customers, who know how he treats his tenants.

‘Jon Sandler may be rich and getting richer, but as it says in the Bible, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” It may be very hot where he is going. ‘

Read the rest of this entry »


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