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What really happened after the RWC opening night fiasco – the view from the Bunker!



  1. Bravo!

  2. Hilarious!

  3. Believe there has been a re-think of the RWC finals between the Springbok & ABs. Murray is going put the whole Bok team on a slow train to a siding in South Auckland. They will be accompanied by a team of SIS agents dressed as waitresses called Suzie who will feed the Boks poisoned pies out of their briefcases thus ensuring the ABs win the final by default. The Master Plan is set for the success of the 4th Reich

  4. Typical,management stuff it up so they sack the workers!

  5. Oh, yay, is the toxic dwarf going to regrow its moustache to re-brand itself?

    It already has the bad hair.