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You’ll never see ads like this again!


  1. The “Soda Pop Board of America” ad is a fake.

    I kind of wish cocaine tooth drops were still around, though.

  2. I think you’ve summed up Labour’s problems…talk about mixed messages. The gay cruise does worry me particularly since Afghanistant is landlocked.

  3. Rick – ???

    As for the ads… oh my, how far we’ve come!

    Question we might ask ourselves, before smugness sets in – will our CURRENT ads be viewed in a similar fashion by our grandchildren?

    God knows what they’ll think of us. (Not to highly, I suspect.)

  4. The message content might have changed but the method haven’t.
    Susan Devoy promotes Vitamins to make you feel better.
    Most dentists prefer Colgate?
    Bob Charles advises us to use magnetic blankets. Herbal remedies will make you better not that that can be proved.
    Buyers beware then and now. Good point Frank.

  5. While the messages are all wrong it was an age when a family could be middle classed on one wage. Unlike now.

  6. You forgot those classics about a Brighter Future.

  7. But it’s absolutely true! Morbidly obese women should take sanitised tape worms. As the advertisement says: They’re “Easy to Swallow !”.

  8. Isn’t amazing this ads were simple strait cut and
    above all clean.