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Dan Carter models new line in Jockey undies after groin injury – Picture!

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  1. Hehehehe – Poor Dan.

  2. I think this would be just the right moment for Dan to “discover” Yoga, Pilates and (gasp!) Ballet as something that he and all over-tight macho men should routinely incorporate in their exercise regimes. It would need someone of his mana to cut through all the “sissy” associations that still persist with these mostly feminine pursuits but the savings in ACC and the increase in our sporting silverware would be huge. Jockey could even market a new line of Yoga, Pilates or Ballet briefs for the Metrosexual 2.0 Male.

  3. Can you get a groin injury from too tight undies?

  4. Not too much going on in the world these days,then,Brian?

    BE: Well, I don’t think you need to be serious every hour or every day of every week. And I’m told that the Rugby World Cup is considered by most Kiwis to be something ‘going on in the world’ these days.

  5. Seeing that pic brings on the urge do ‘go down’ on my hands and knees.

  6. Suzy Q

    You are a worry.

  7. Brian
    I had a vision in a dream last night, which even in the cold hard light of sobriety, might bring about a wonderful sense of community and caring for this nation of ours in these difficult times. It would also I think have considerable resonance for a great number of women folk around the country, (perhaps even Judy too) and also for some 5 to 10% of men folk among us.
    What I propose is, that since young Dan is currently indisposed and at a loose end, we take him on a tour of New Zealand and encourage all the caring and wonderful women folk of the districts… plus those sensitive men who feel a similar empathy, to come forth and lay their healing hands on Dan’s groin and see if their healing powers might miraculously make him rise Lazarus like once more from his current predicament to rejoin the team. What ever the outcome it would produce many smiling faces among the participants.
    We could even involve the Sceptics Society and run a control group where by the visually impaired could be encouraged to lay their hands on Michael Laws, or Don Brash to see what the effect might be. I hasten to add this control group concept was not in my original vision.
    I admit the idea is hazy at this stage and welcome feedback before I submit it to Mr Mc Cully for funding…..

    BE: An absolutely wonderful idea, Richard. Though I’m not entirely sure how Dan’s partner will feel about it. And then there’s the Singing Detective syndrome to worry about.

  8. @ Richard S. Not such a good idea because it reeks of blasphemy, offending those of the Faith who are already uncomfortable by Carter being treated as a god-like figure.

    Old-fashioned remedies are the best. I volunteer myself to be his surrogate mother:

    Mummy will kiss it and make it better.