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Just in case the world is getting you down…


  1. My life makes sense at last!

  2. Ah – Gibson. A very wise man.

  3. Nice! I can imagine this would be very helpful at time.

    As you are getting older, Brian, perhaps you could use some of this?

  4. If youre not surrounded by them perhaps its time to look in the mirror!

  5. Interposing “in fact” doesn’t create emphasis; it’s redundant, robbing the message of its vigor.
    Other examples:
    a personal friend of mine…(Is there such thing as an impersonal friend?)
    absolutely essential..
    personally, I feel…

    “in fact”, should be used only of matter capable of direct verification, not of matters of judgment.

  6. Merv: Correct, but boring as all hell!

  7. Couldn’t ‘in fact’ be distinguishing between the truth and paranoia?

  8. I would have thought that whether you were surrounded by assholes was capable of direct verification.

  9. This would be really good in a statutory agency, Did I say that ??