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“I AM NOW FOREIGN OWNED” (after Colin McCahon)

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  1. A prophetic work.

  2. Now that is very very clever!

  3. Nothing else needs to be said.

  4. The reality is that the future of NZ in the next three years will be determined by global events outside the control of whatever government was elcted so don’t be so bloody pathetic.

  5. The election result highlights New Zealanders dark propensity for turning our destructive tendencies upon ourselves. Chris Trotter’s fears that the electorate is not yet grown up is now a stark reality.

    Brand Key has retained its swagger, for the time being, and mainly as a result the extraordinary low voter turn out. However, I suspect it will be sooner then later before Brand Key is headed off to the proverbial political stocks, with more than a shove from the mainstream media.

    Winston Peters has had three years to hone up his aim and there will be no shortage of rotten ammunition.

    The challenge for Labour is to regroup and claim back what is now lost. That may seem an impossible task. But hope springs eternal.

  6. damn democracy.

  7. Surprisingly little blog traffic today. Although perhaps not surprising. All the regulars still in shock.

    Perhaps this post sums up where I don’t get you people. To mimic a Labour ad:
    1. Fact: A maximum of 49% of each company will be sold.
    2. Fact: The Superannuation fund and Kiwisaver funds will buy shares as well as some mums and dads.
    3. Fact: If NZ companies were so intrinsically valuable our whole share market would be foreign owned which clearly it isn’t.
    4. Fact: The model works fine for Air NZ.
    5. Fact: The NZ share-market is desperately in need of deepening.
    6. Fact: Key’s record in putting his plans to the electorate would seem to suggest total privitisation without further electoral mandate is very unlikely.

    Your fear and loathing is totally out of step with the man or his actions and says more about yourselves than him. The average punter can see that.

    Anyway, Labour’s time will again and probably in 2014 I suspect given National’s support is un-buttressed. Don’t stew. i suspect over the next three years we are all going to be in it together given the clouds currently gathering.

  8. If the international & domestic purchasers of these assets raise debt overseas to do so, is that debt not still included by the ratings agencies as being part of NZ total debt, albeit now private?

    Also, on a unrelated matter – two things:
    1 – “hen” is a female only term,
    2 – Refresher course in Scottish accents is here:


    BE: Thanks. Lived in Edinburgh for 3 years where I did my Ph.D. Was regularly referred to as ‘hen’ by landladies. Perhaps they thought this better than ‘cock’.

  9. That’s a timely and well-made montage, Brian. I must say that I’m surprised to see Ben already attributing National’s choice to flog off our major assets cheaply to “global events”. Is he perchance referring to the global corporate greed that is behind the existing financial crises? And if so, how could that possibly be blamed for Key & Co’s poor and short-term decision to sell the family silver?

  10. Yup – my comments were triggered by your most recent Jim Mora segment. Still a bit non-plussed by your landlady recollections though. Muddied perhaps too much time spent on Rose Street?

  11. Fact: 49% doesn’t mean you have no control over the company, at all. You get 49% of the profits and the chance to push your earnings which arise by the fact you don’t have a choice with respect to energy, everybody has got to have it.

    Fact: The model works fine for competitive fungible transport services. This is energy and if you like the way prices have shifted while in Government hands, you’ll love what will happen when people who don’t even live here get 49% of the control but no liability to the damage gouging would cause.

    Fact: Utility monopolies are always valuable, we’ve just never been stupid enough to risk 49% of them in absentee hands. Oh, right, we put much closer to 100% of Telecom in overseas hands and they laughed all the way to the bank. With NZ Rail, we bought it back, UFB is building a new telecommunications infrastructure.

    As for the average punter, polls indicate 80% oppose the sales.

  12. Dearest Tony
    Who are all these people “you don’t get”? Gosh you sound awfully like a very cross accountant, with your “facts” as listed. Don dear…it’s not you trying to have us all on with a bit of a rant since things all went a bit Pete Tong in Epsom?

    Thing is Tony darling all some of us are saying, is perhaps we need to be a bit cautious… that quite often leaders have a tendency to start off small and reasoned, and then get a tad terribly over excited with their own self importance and grandiose plans. Before you know it, they are talking about a “mandate” and then who knows where that might lead?

    What was the name of that chap…I forget his name… who began with a mixed ownership model of Austria and then it all went horribly to his head and before you could say “Sudetenland” he was off to Poland?

    All I know is… it took a devil of a lot of effort to get the assets back in the hands of the people who originally owned them. Perhaps we need to be mindful and imagine the sort of country our great, great, grandchildren might like to live in. They might indeed even be proud of the fact that we managed to protect it and this wonderful way of life for them.

    I think from memory… that it was a similar sense of New Zealand’s unique identity and a desire to leave some sort of legacy and ownership to his children, that saw my own dear Papa receive the D.F.C.

    Peach x

    Speaking of Man dates….anyone lonely of an evening

  13. Kat (November 27th, 2011 at 13:18 )

    Well said. My thoughts precisely.

  14. Tony (November 27th, 2011 at 15:36″

    “Surprisingly little blog traffic today. Although perhaps not surprising. All the regulars still in shock.”


  15. Well done New Zealand.
    You just voted to sell the family jewels.

  16. and the problem is us !
    at least too many of us,
    learned helplessness it is sometimes called, certainly too many
    of us are not yet grown up.
    Thank you to the intelligent and educated people who take the
    time to run thoughtful blogs, as too many teflon people
    does not ‘ a great society’ make.

  17. Fake Tony
    “Surprisingly little blog traffic today. Although perhaps not surprising. All the regulars still in shock.”
    You may find that many users of this blog have a life. It was Sunday, it was fine weather…
    As for any shock at the outcome…I am sad we’re about to loose our assets…but boy am I looking forward to the slow political death of John Key over the next 3 years.
    He is now disliked by the media because he was caught teabagging with John Banks.
    He has Winstone Peters preparing to settle a few scores.
    And if the Labour Party and the Greens can understand that many of their voters, like them both at the same time…the left/green alliance will be a force to be reckoned with. The Greens are now seen as a middle of the road option with an exciting and viable vision…not the “freaky hippies” of yesteryear.
    So smirk while you can Fake Tony…and I hope you enjoy playing with your spread sheets this summer.

  18. Give the Maori Party a few beads and blankets (baubles) and they will accept asset sales. It’s no wonder their support decreased.

  19. Haven’t lost your touch after all these years Brian. Thanks. Have posted this great image onto Facebook.
    Peach , I really like your style and share your sentiments, my dad got a D.F.M. amongst his pile of WW2 hardware.I know where you are coming from.
    Like all pakeha whose families who have had the privilege to live in this beautiful little country for half a dozen generations or more I am devastated at what we have become.
    Degraded, beaten down and denigrated daily by the sloppiest most unintelligent reptilian fascists ever to be oozed out of the sewer that is Wall Street.

  20. We seem to need a benevolent dictator! We don’t seem to be able to look after ourselves, others, or the land we’ve been entrusted with. But adversity breeds action, so hopefully we will become more active and creative now and stop looking for quick money today that means the end of the world tomorrow.

  21. Tasha (November 29th, 2011 at 09:13)

    “We seem to need a benevolent dictator! We don’t seem to be able to look after ourselves, others, or the land we’ve been entrusted with.”

    … or we just need to vote sensibly.

    As I kept writing on my Blog, we are the collective authors of our own mis-fortune. Whether it was voting down Labour’s compulsory super savings scheme in 1975 by electing Rob Muldoon – or re-electing this unimaginative, lazy, government. We did it to ourselves. No one did it to us.

  22. “We did it to ourselves. No one did it to us.”

    Well, about a third of eligible voters voted for National. Two thirds didn’t. That’s not quite the “mandate” that some speak of. Never mind, the PM thinks nearly everyone is on his side.

  23. “Well, about a third of eligible voters voted for National”.
    And a third of eligible voters didn’t vote at all i.e. they don’t count. They were asked to vote but didn’t care enough to bother. It is irrelevant and pointless to include them in calculations re mandate.
    National got 48% of the votes that did count – under MMP that is huge.