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Paul Goldsmith removes his own signs in case someone in Epsom votes for him



Photos: Jaymam/The Standard

What Paul Goldsmith was doing yesterday to  boost his electoral campaign.



  1. This really warrants some context. See entry at 6.40pm:

  2. regardless of context it’s odd to see the candidate removing the signs, surely one of the delightful young nats could have been instructed to do it?

  3. Call that a sign? He needs a bigger photocopier

  4. I live in Thailand. A couple of years ago the Thai football team played one of the other SE Asia countries in a game that tactically neither team wanted to win. The game was a fiasco as they both scored a series of own goals. Subsequently both teams were banned from the tournament.

    FIFA are often criticized for the way they run football, but they got that one right. Maybe they could be asked for advise on how to get rid of corruption from our elections.

  5. Apparently it was an ambush? Person(s) unknown had made enlarged copies of his business card (sans authorisation statement) and placed them about like little Judas goats before settling in to await their prey… Who duly turned up and provided an ideal kill for their efforts, which was then quickly uploaded to teh internetz.

    Mr. Goldsmith has of course played the game by declaring it dirty politics and sourly threatening to go to the electoral commission.

    if an ambush, then all up, an excellent piece of electioneering that has been the cause of much left wing chortling.

    I love elections!

    JC: In The Standard Jaymam says:
    ‘The signs were merely a copy of Goldsmith’s publicity material that he was handing out last week which were authorised by him.
    Goldsmith was not being stalked. The photographer was merely photographing who was removing the signs. Now that it looks like it’s Goldsmith removing them, that is perfectly fine. If he doesn’t want to publicise his candidacy in Epsom that is his choice. But that makes the Epsom election look like a sham.’

  6. Keep up, Brian, Sanctury is right:

  7. Prank or not, it is no surprise that so many younger voters are not interested in politics and the election. By the way, did any one visit John Keys Facebook page and posted a critical or serious question to find it deleted in no time?

  8. I would love to have been at the Diplomatic Protection Squads debriefing last week after the Smoko Charade. Bet they were walking funny after the five toed wedge!!!!!!!!

  9. Of course if one played the footage backwards- he’s taking them out of his car and installing them…

    JC: Ahha! But see where he’s striding towards the sign, and where he’s taking the sign to his car. Then your theory works only if he’s in the habit of walking backwards. Possible, I suppose.

  10. The Goldsmith signs had an authorisation statement on them.
    See at bottom left here:

    And they were placed in an area designated by Auckland Council for election signs.

    Can someone ask Goldsmith to stop telling porkies.
    If he didn’t want to be elected why did he agree to stand?

    If Goldsmith is elected as he probably will be, will he resign and force a by-election? In which case there will be an interesting by-election with Banks and Parker standing, plus some National person who will get almost no votes. Parker will win, possibly losing National their majority. Interesting!

  11. Nice boots

  12. It’s worth going to the comment thread in The Standard to read Jaymam’s entries. He’s also got links to extra photos.

  13. Great heading, JC!

  14. Jason – those signs would have breached signs bylaw – as Council have a min height from ground (for berm mowing etc) – so would have been removed by Council, – and in fact would have charged Goldsmith for the cost. So he was correct to remove them.

  15. “We have to destroy the village to save it”!

  16. I have carefully calculated the position of the photographer when he (or she ) took the photos. (above and back from the road intersection)They were obviouslt taken from the top of the power pole on the opposite side of the road. Clever!!

  17. Hesth vewy stwong, being able to pluck the stake out from the ground, using only histh thumb and forefinger.

    Way to go, Paulie!

  18. Mark, you are correct that the signs would have breached signs bylaw for minimum height from ground for berm mowing etc. As it happens, the day before when the signs were there, the mowing contractor was mowing the grass, and I removed the signs before he reached them. He gave me a cheery wave.

    Do you believe in one law for all? I believe it was an ACT policy. In that case, why did the Council not care about or remove these ACT signs in the same road last election which all breach the height rule?

    Is anyone going to care about the illegal ACT signs that they put up every election and did this morning and will do next week?

  19. Obviously this could have been a dirty trick like the so called H bomb, how did that end?
    Certainly a bit of luck that the photographer was waiting

  20. I saw these signs as well as others being put up around the Shore Road roundabout area on Monday afternoon….

    I went up to check out what was going on around the hoardings to see what was being put up and got questioned by some noddies if I was voting for the Tories….lol… anyway these guys (4 of them) were wearing Mana badges (like the punkrock/emo ones).

    The signs were clearly illegal and not placed there by Goldsmith himself

  21. Though he’s not even smart enough to send someone else to remove unauthorised signs, this man will nevertheless soon be the electorate MP for Epsom, and will have to do some REAL work. Excellent.

  22. He should have just said he was re-deploying them to a more advantageous position rather than looking so obviously cloak and daggers.

    Anyway, the hilarious thing is that if you’re a Labour supporter in Epsom it’s to your advantage to give your *candidate* vote to the National candidate. Getting a National candidate in will destroy Act. (Which seems like justice since National targeted Winston Peters at the last election to take out NZ First.)

    But this really shows how problematic the thresholds are in MMP. They really need some adjusting.

  23. Bert – “Prank or not, it is no surprise that so many younger voters are not interested in politics and the election. By the way, did any one visit John Keys Facebook page and posted a critical or serious question to find it deleted in no time?”

    Yup. Mine. Took about fifteen seconds. Others have said pretty much the same thing:

    And all I asked was what National would do to help sufferers of Pompe’s Disease.

    Sensitive wee soul, our Dear Leader…

  24. I have taken note of complaints about the legality of certain signs, and have erected a completly legal sign at the same site. This sign is of legal height and was given to me by Paul Goldsmith himself. It is not a copy. It has an authorisation notice as legally required.

    A new completely legal Goldsmith sign in Epsom:

    Here’s another photo of the sign.

    I’ll wager that ACT will continue to place illegal small signs around Epsom as they have been doing. But I won’t be doing that – my signs are legal and cannot be removed.

  25. Jason, you’re good. Very good…

  26. statistical correlation b/w IQ and wealth?
    b/w left / right wing voting and IQ?
    If the voters of Epsom are looking like a bunch of morons (a vote for either of these gerrymandering scumbags is a vote for stupidity)then maybe it’s because Right wing voters aren’t so bright as Left wingers. Oh well…no teaching some people.