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The Green Party starts coalition talks with National (after Matisse)

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  1. Its the Maori Party who have the merry dance around. Almost as though the co-Leaders cannot do without the baubles of office? But to join with National is a kiss of death for them.
    Hope the Greens are very very circumspect. Mr Key is looking for fall-guys ever since it slowly dawned him that he did not have a National Mandate with only 48%.

  2. Matisse.

    BE: Yup. Thanks


    BE: Yup. Thanks

  4. Matisse, actually, though Picasso in his Cubist phase would be the only artist capable of making such a chaotic mess look like a unified whole.

    BE: Thank you. I was misled by the photoshopping artist who was drunk at the time.

  5. Aye, the grovelling chat-up routine known as “relationship building” will have been pushed to priority crimson ever since Johnny No-mates suddenly realised that despite his “unprecedented since the 1951 strike (sic)” popularity, he is akshilly sitting on a razor blade supported by a pair of lunatics, with only a fatally-wounded Maori Party that will demand the preferential earth, as back-up.

    Sadly for him, the Greens are not stupid: they know full well that virginity only comes once; and that the lightest platonic peck is all that can be risked. Fitting in a way: he’ll be playing with himself till the end.

  6. The poor old Greens. They’ve been trying to lose the consciousness-raising/dance-in-a-circle/Hippy thing for years now. But if you were to divide the population into personality types based on THE YOUNG ONES, I’m pretty sure the Greens would still have more than their fair share of Neils.

    Ianmac – 48% of 71% (turnout) = only about 34%. Barely a third of the Country !!!

  7. Are we churning out the same old shit about greens – tree huggers, sandle wearing dancing fools ?

  8. They are barefoot and naked without a tree in sight.

  9. Thank you Edward

  10. “They are barefoot and naked without a tree in sight.” – Edward

    “Naked”? I’ll join that Party!!

    On a slightly more serious note, I read todays article in the Dompost, on National and the Maori Party in coalition negotiations,

    I commented on it, in my Blog, pointing out issues surrounding Supply & Confidence, and “parking” the matter of asset sales.

    But it’s the picture of Pita Sharples and John Key meeting and greeting each other that took my interest. It reminded me of another image, taken 40 years ago…

  11. Frank, I read and appreciated your linked-to blog post. Especially your analysis of “Issue 2″. Nice work, thanks.

  12. Thank you, Bill. (And thank you to Judy and Brian for their kind permission in allowing me to post such links.)

  13. It’s very interesting how power, or the thought of it, make people change. I livd in Scotland for nearly 9 years and I would have never have thought that the Lib Dems at UK level would go into coalition with the Tory party. 12 months later they got routed in Scotland.

    Be warned Green Party NZ!

    In 1987 when I first voted Green the percentage of their vote was very small. Today under MMP it has grown a lot and help change things for the better i think. Whatever way the Green Party decide to go I hope they keep “the bastards honest”. Even harder to do when you’re politicians where bankers. Well at least one Don Brash has gone

  14. The Green Party in its current form will never enter coalition talks with National
    If they did at least 4 maybe 5 of their current MP’s would walk.
    I estimate 60% of the membership would leave as well . It simply ain’t going to happen.

    The Election result was great for the Greens
    Can’t wait for the naked circle dancing at conference this year ( it is always my favourite bit)

  15. 15

    Quite titillating looking at those nude nubile bods. Very arousing, I have to say.

  16. Great Fun

  17. Lovely pic, BE. Looks to me like they’re dancing to the Left.