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The Martyrdom of Saint Donald of Epsom (after Caravaggio)

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  1. There you go, the National fall guy!

  2. Can’t say I would cross the street to spit on Don Brash and will be delighted if he diasppears once and for all from the political scene. But what an unholy alliance and complete travesty of the democratic process. When oh when is the public going to wake up to the fact that John Key is not a “nice guy”? No one who makes money the way he did in the 90’s is a nice guy – rather someone who is ruthless and amoral, willing to walk over and hurt whoever needs to be walked over or hurt to make ever more money.

  3. Clever head placing. Photo shop at its best.

  4. A great pictorial representation of the length an ideological group (actually who is this group? the National party, Act, Big Business interests or all of the above) will go to, to maintain power. The smile on John Banks face says “I’m back, we may not have won the Auckland mayoralty, but our ideology has cobbled together another way of maintaining power for the right”.

  5. They keep repeating the mantra about the voters of Epsom being an intelligent electorate, but in reality they obviously believe they are all cretins.

  6. Take heart; Banks is now unelectable – and he knows it.