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Winston – the man they could not kill. (after Rembrandt))

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  1. Winston has proved he is no one trick pony. It now cannot be denied that a fair number of the ‘good people’ of this land want him around. Winston certainly makes the political landscape interesting to the point that if Brand Key was getting the usual cunning political advice they would welcome him as a ‘soaker’ of media attention. This would take some of the attention and the heat off Brand Key.

    Thats the way National has always worked, deflect the issues, blame someone else and have a ready fall guy. No wonder the latest Horizon poll has Phil Goff so high on the honesty, integrity and trust worthy scale over Brand Key.

  2. It’s hardly surprising that he isn’t dead. I don’t see a stake driven through his heart, and in some stories we would have to cut his head off as well.
    There is also, I discovered, a theory that exposure to sunlight will kill a vampire. That would explain why Winston spent so much time late at night in the Green Parrot in Taranaki St in Wellington. He wouldn’t have dared to try and go there in daylight.

  3. “I recommend a course of leeches!”

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    By Jingo Chomdonkley

    With Act and United Future looking so shaky, will the Patron Saints of Commerce magically raise Lazarus from the dead, thus giving an acceptable alternative to a Green coalition for Coke,Pepsi &.co?

  5. Kat says “Winston has proved he is no one trick pony.”

    Now settle down there Kat….same old single trick, performed triennially!

  6. @ Zinc

    You may have a point! Maybe I should have just said he has proved he is not down and out. But then again is his comeback the same trick, perhaps he may have just modified it a little, to suit the times.

    Whatever the case may be, Brand Key, in vilifying Winston, has played the wrong card on this one. Like throwing petrol on a fire. Those that want Winston back just won’t be scared off, and I suspect he will pick up a few new votes as well.

    So the dice is rolling as the election wheel spins. All bets are on, for whats shaping up to be a very entertaining evening next Saturday.

  7. 7

    Beaumont Livingstone

    Eek!! The gargoyle lives.

  8. Yep, love him or hate him, Winston knows how to push the right buttons, particularly of the elderly. He harnesses their fears and their prejudices, kind of like a master pupeteer. Just goes to show there are no fools like old fools and you can certainly fool some of the people all of the time.

  9. Is Winston knowingly encouraging an anti-MMP vote? Sitting on the cross benches and deciding year-by-year whether or not to support supply – I don’t get it. He is a dream come true for those who want a return to the “good old days”. Vote for Change must think it is Christmas

  10. 10

    J.K: “Hey, are you sure that’s it? I thought the jugular vein was further up.”

  11. Natty. “…Winston knows how to push the right buttons, particularly of the elderly. He harnesses their fears and their prejudices,…”
    Could that read, “Key knows how to push the right buttons, particularly of the elderly. He harnesses their fears and their prejudices,…”

  12. It wasn’t the elderly who got him onto TV1 leaders debate in the final week when there are other Parties polling 7or 8 times higher than him. Obviously we has friends in other places as well. Could it be the same people who manage to slip into the TV1 News all those anti Labour slogans, thinly disguised as public opinion.

  13. This is surely a bit beneath you, Brian?

    The man being dissected in “The Anatomy Lesson” is a cadaver, so photoshopping Winston’s live face onto it doesn’t really scan. But then even Rembrandt got things a little wrong in making the flexor tendons arise from the wrong side of the elbow.

    As for Winston’s “triennial” performance, he didn’t quite manage it last time around, did he? His concesssion speech was the most dignified I can recall him though.

  14. Great piece of Photoshop. Who’s responsible?

    BE: A friend and colleague who prefers to remain anonymous.

  15. I wonder if the vested-interest media (boy, did they blow it gig-time in the last election, by taking sides) will ever get it that Winston is coming back because PEOPLE (remember them ?) are going to vote for him.

  16. (to Adrian) Bugger ‘em if they can’t take a joke…

  17. Laurie – doubt you’d be that amused to find yourself depicted in ritual murder. I like a joke with the best of them, but I like them to be a little more subtle

  18. Adrian Darling…you really ought to try and get a handle on this irony thing…life would be ever so terribly much more fun if you did. And I do believe the caption says that Winston is still alive… just in case you were worried that he was going the way of the Black Rhino. And as for your reference to “liking a joke with the best of them”…who are these people to whom you refer?…I want their names. Because quite frankly Adrian dear…I don’t think you actually know them and could just possibly be the most boring man imaginable… But then I could be totally wrong and you may just have come off your meds. Darling as these young people say….chill…love you xxx

  19. Flattered by your affection Peach. Word of advice though, I reckon its best not to post after drinking.

  20. Age Darling
    That’s quite all right sweetie, I do understand and let me assure you that your secret is safe with moi. I did think that you must have been under the influence of something when you posted that drivel and it is good to know that I was right….just hope that the plonk was not Sauvignon Blanc….ghastly stuff. Poor old Winston though, he is beginning to look his age, like a well worn Gladstone bag…
    Must dash toodleloo
    P xxxx

  21. Thank goodness for Winston adding some straight talk to the Parliamentary mix! Controversial though he is at times, I’m glad he’s back :D