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Fresh off the boat

You probably know by now that we’re in Raro. We reckon it’s our 15th visit, a sort of home from home. So we know the place and the people pretty well. Actually, we thought we knew everything. But we were wrong. This time we’ve made a find.

There are a stack of good restaurants in Rarotonga, but every now and then you come across something extra special – in this case an eatery where you can feast on the yummiest meal you’ve ever had, bring your own wine and walk away with a bill of just $24 – for two! Yep, that’s $12 a head for the most popular item on the menu, the “Fresh Off The Boat” sandwich.

The “Fresh Off The Boat” sandwich is exactly what it claims to be – a sandwich made with fish caught that day, filleted on the boat at the end of the jetty, crumbed, seared on a hotplate  and served in a soft Turkish bread  sandwich with lettuce and tomato coated in a delicious lime mayo dressing. Unless there’s a queue – and the word is getting out – you’ll wait no more than a few minutes for this food of the gods to appear as you sip your chardonnay under the umbrella at  your picnic table, bask in the tropic heat and look at the sea. And if the “Fresh Off The Boat Sandwich” isn’t to die for, I’ll eat KFC for a week.

Have I missed anything? Oh yes, the name of the eatery and where to find it. Well, look for the sign to the Avana Fishing Club, near Muri. It’s there. And don’t expect a flash restaurant. Your food – and there’s an extensive menu of treats – will be prepared and cooked in a converted shipping container by some very nice (and very attractive) ladies.

It’s the low season here in Rarotonga – sun, sea, sand and no waiting. So if I may borrow from our Aussie neighbours – where the bloody hell are you?



  1. I’m stuck at home with the miserable weather.
    Believe me, if I had the budget, I’d be right there with you guys. Glad you’re having a great time. :o)

  2. I would have preferred women and dropped the “very attractive”, does it really matter? Showing your age.

  3. Would it be not too ‘aussie’ to inquire where you hang your hats while you are in Raro?

    JC: Depends on the mood and the season. East in high summer. West in winter. Explore and tell Eddie I said to look after you.

  4. Should David Shearer go there for his honeymoon?

  5. @ Odette Shaw: “I would have preferred women and dropped the “very attractive”, does it really matter? Showing your age”.

    You’re much too liberal. I would prefer he just said, human beings.

  6. Heh, heh, Brian was so absorbed in looking at the attractive ladies that he didn’t notice Judy discreetly eyeing the nice young men.

  7. Rupert, that is so tellingly funny!

  8. “I would have preferred women”

    Not ladies?

  9. You peopleare SO anthropocentric.


  10. I’m gonna have that for lunch then, here in my own paradise

  11. We just got back from Raro Brian, our first ever trip. Just fell in love with the place and will plan to go again.

    Where do you recommend staying? We stayed at Te Manava which was super ritzy, but we won’t want to do that every time.

    Season’s greetings.

    JC: We stay anywhere and everywhere. House-sitting for friends, cottages on the beach etc. The last couple of times we’ve stayed at the Heritage in Arorangi. Expensive for a couple, but great for a group or a family. We often book with Eddie Chambers at He’s got all varieties and prices for accommodation.

  12. That website is amazing, thanks Brian. Merry Xmas.

  13. We’ll never be able to afford to go for an South Pacific Island holiday, we’re going to Freyberg Field in Kiwitea Street to have some picnic lunches.

  14. Fell in love with Rarotonga years ago. Love the place and people. Merry Xmas and best wishes to you and Judy

  15. “…And if the “Fresh Off The Boat Sandwich” isn’t to die for, I’ll eat KFC for a week.”

    I think that would constitute violations of several U.N. human rights agreements; the Geneva Accords; and other international treaties…

    It would certainly be tantamount to cruel and inedible punishment.

    The fresh-caught fish, though, sounds *yummo*!