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Paradise up in flames


One of the hundreds of flametrees in bloom in Rarotonga.

Rational thought and argument currently suspended in favour of slothfulness and self-indulgence.



  1. Gorgeous, hope you are enjoying the beautiful Island

  2. A little like our pohutakawa. Following your rational thought theme, our Wellington pohutakawas are not yet showing any colour. I understand Maori beliefs suggest that we will have a bad summer.

  3. Flammin’ heck Brian! I thought that you were in Auckland planning your next escapade.

  4. Hey, I know that by its other name — The Sir Albert Henry Tree. You know, that ‘fine upstanding’ gent, who became the embodiment of Raro politics.

  5. OOps. That should read Flammin’ heck Judy! I thought that you were back in Auckland planning Brian’s next escapade, or should that be helping Brian to avoid his next escapade?

  6. Baz – My part of Auckland is a sea of red – perhaps we will get the good summer and you guys will get a .. less than good summer.