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It’s a goal!


While this website is generally a sports-free-zone, I can’t resist sharing this – possibly the greatest fluke in soccer!


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  1. Ah… Judy… Judy…. wotcha doing watching the soccer????

  2. Ahhh….two things make soccer a great game for TV – first, there’re only about three rules so you don’t need a panel of experts to figure out what’s offended the ref; and second, the goals scored are often quite spectacular and make magnificant viewing.

  3. And it’s Taken Down due to a copyright right issue. Lucky that doesn’t count as a first strike under NZ copyright laws. If we had SOPA, your link would have earned you an infringement notice.

    JC: They’ll be busy! There are numerous versions of this on YouTube! Try this one.

  4. As it this goal?

  5. It’s a good thing I saw this on TV last night. The FA has shut down your link. :o(

    JC: And I found another one.

  6. 6

    Bandar Seri Begawan

    The resultant goal was the confluence of Man and Nature. It was a hefty kick, but the ball was ably assisted by Mr. Wind, who not only helped carry it along, but its swirling updraft lofted it over the defender’s reach.

  7. Pedantic action by the F.A.How pathetic

  8. Its a shame that this site is generally a sport-free zone, given that media is an integral element. Tim Howard (Everton goalie) performs a physical action that results in a length of the field goal. As noted there are several versions on YouTube. The match is defined more by this than the fact that Bolton came back to win 2-1.

    In a late 1980’s Manchester derby, City won 5-1, but United striker Mark Hughes ‘sensationally’ scored from a corner with a bicycle kick.

    The NFL has also provided this example of the role that media has in sport, and why individual plays help to define the match more than the outcome:

  9. What’s so spectacular about a ball bouncing over the goalie’s head?

  10. WAKE UP “What’s so spectacular about a ball bouncing over the goalie’s head?”

    Yeah, happens every day.

  11. its the wind the wind!

  12. Howard (the Everton goalie who scored) took it in his stride and came across well afterwards.