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The ultimate extreme makeover




Time for a little light relief. Brilliant mock-advertisement by Jesse Rosten.




  1. I work in the industry.

    It’s a brilliant p&$$take. And it’s true.

    Which makes it a little sad.

    Make that “A lot sad”.

    I haven’t used a photo of anything in the last few years that hasn’t been photoshopped……………..

  2. But… But… But those promises are real! I see them all the time on TV! Vitamin pills. Wrinkle cream. Fitness gear! Why that kid jogging down the road was really Brian Edwards and the bouncy girl beside him was a Judy. If a wrinkleless Edwards and a bouncy Judy can get away with it, it must be true. Throw away your Fotoshop thingy and take what Brian and Judy take and stay young enough to be a new crop of policemen and doctors.

  3. Brilliant! So funny and (unfortunately) so true.

  4. 4

    Photoshop is artifice cloaked in artful deception.

  5. Looks like my life – but in reverse.

  6. Thanks, Judy. Brilliant parody, love the pronunciation of adobe and the “claim” it won’t ‘rub off’. If only!