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Critics rave over brilliant new TV comedy series coming to our screens soon!!!


Coming to your TV screen soon!!!

 In the wake of The Artist, New Zealand’s first SILENT television programme - The Politically Incorrect Meaning of Life Show, starring Mr Bean as a hilarious  Kiwi clinical psychologist with absolutely nothing to say.  



Side-splitting!!!  New Zealand Herald

I ALMOST WET MYSELF!!! Michelle Hewitson







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  1. This is a repeat. I’ve already seen it. In fact I’ve been watching it all my life. The acting is average and the lead has been described as a has been.

  2. Are you saying Nigel Latta has nothing to teach you Brian?

    Don’t worry, he’s going though the age groups.

    Babies, teenagers and the latest series for grown ups.

    The elderly will no doubt be next.

    Although they will be a hard group to teach as they know everything.

    BE: Showing your ignorance there, real Tony, it’s teenagers who know everything.

  3. A classic case of over-exposure of an individual and formulaic program making at lowest possible cost. Nigel was good in the Darklands series – at least the first few – but has done his dash for a while.

  4. Don’t be mean to Nigel! He’s alright.
    I would have appreciated his stuff being on TV when I was struggling with my kids.
    Yeah, it’s pop psychology, but his TV is a hell of a lot more constructive than the usual Crime Porn and Reality Shyte we are presented with these days.
    So, he’s over exposed?…most successful media personalies struggle with that in a small place like NoiseyLand.
    Chill out guys…complain about something that’s really awful.
    As for being formulaic – he’s a psychologist doing a stand-up routine…I haven’t seen too many of those shows recently…or ever…?

  5. Nigel has become a victim of his own sucess.I have never been a fan of the show but know plenty of people who have enjoyed it.

  6. Miaow, miaow!!!

  7. But Ben, isn’t this the “Who can we be bitchy to this week?” blog?

    … SBW, RR, PH, GB, NL, ….

    Don’t grudge the Left their little bit of intellectual snobbery or they’ll probably lose their will to live.

    BE: “But Ben, isn’t this the “Who can we be bitchy to this week?” blog?”

    I really object to that comment, Alan. Take a look at the list of recent posts on the right hand side of the home page and consider whether this accusation is true. Or better still, go to ‘Media Reviews and Blogs’ and look back through the hundreds of posts that have appeared on this site, since it started three years ago. For the most part, Judy and I have tried to avoid pettiness or the mindless raving that is characteristic of so many websites. In last month’s Metro, in a piece entitled ‘Best Cultural Contributions to Politics and Sport’ the site was included among a small group of journalists, writers and websites ‘who added significantly to the political discourse, as opposed to scaremongering, lying, stupidifying, currying favour with the powerful, wittering on or simply frothing at the mouth.’

    Occasionally I enjoy having a swipe at people and institutions I don’t like. And I make no apology for it. Generally speaking, they’re people who can take care of themselves. Latta is a good example. I made my views about Nigel very clear in an early piece Latta replied and you can read the correspondence between us there. His subsequent programmes have given me no reason to change my mind. But he’s a big boy and a clinical psychologist advising viewers on how to conduct their lives and ought surely to be able to handle it.

    Paul Holmes wrote what I and many others considered a racist column and I’m sure Sonny Bill Williams can weigh my comment that you have to be stupid to want to be a boxer against the national adulation he receives daily.

    I don’t know who the other initials refer to.

    As for you, Alan, you’re a relative newcomer to this site and you’ve had your fair share of opportunities to express your opinion. I’m surprised you persist on something as contemptible as a ‘who can we be bitchy to this week’ blog.

  8. Alan, contributors to this blog have been red carded for less!

  9. @Alan

    Well why don’t you step of the island and go and be ‘bitchy’ on the blubber boy’s blog then?

    Its bad enough having to put up with an adolescent PM fawned over by an equally pubescent media without the rank and file getting childish.

    Knock knock…good evening, welcome to the vacuum between Labour govts!

  10. Thank you Brian – I thought it was just me.

  11. 11

    You are right, Brian, that I am a newcomer to this blog and thus merely accurately noted the torrent of enthusiastically endorsed criticism for successively SBW, Ronald Reagan and friends, PH, Gerry Brownlee and now NL.

    I am sure they can all take care of themselves as can I, despite Kat’s attempt to leave me at the bottom of her imaginary long-drop. The vacuum between Labour governments does leave the Left bereft of the task of micromanaging my life and property but can’t they find more constructive outlets for their frustration?

    Anyway, I await your forthcoming positive blog post with interest.

  12. I heartily agree Brian. I have tuned in a couple of times in the hope of learning something, only to leave feeling fairly unsatisfied. And I’m pretty sure that I don’t know all there is to know about psychology.

  13. @Alan Wilkinson “The vacuum between Labour governments does leave the Left bereft of the task of micromanaging my life and property but can’t they find more constructive outlets for their frustration?”


  14. I haven’t seen much of Latta before except for his stint on Sensing Murder which was an embarrassment to his profession. But I think his latest stuff about adults ok mildly interesting. It’s fairly light which helps. Sure, he’ll never be a great stand up comic but the show is certainly better than many other shows. I’d also note that most comedy on TV is from overseas so it makes a change to see something local.

  15. Ross…I agree…i found Latta’s use of pop psychology to discuss the murder of New Zealanders a bit nauseating.

    He should stick to the helpful stuff.

  16. Yep, it’s moments like these that I’m OK with forking out our monthly sub to SKY TV to be able to access rather more thought provoking TV channels, particularly TV7, Maori TV, Comedy Channel and even UKTV, but do look at the other news channels regularly and quite often enjoy the Foodie channel at times. As for TV1, TV2, TV3 [apart from the news and Campbell Live]. I too find Nigel Latta too much to cope with. I’m not too enamoured by Psychologists at present – Family Court matter, but must not mention any more at this stage!

  17. Kat, having read Mr Shearer’s recent offering, the signs are not looking good for the vacuum being filled, and your spitting venom is not going to change anything.

    As for Nigel Latta, providing one treats him as light entertainment, he provokes a smile from time to time and that fits well with the TVNZ philospophy of not offering its audience anything challenging between of midday and midnight.

    Perhaps Mr Latta could offer his services to David Shearer.

  18. @ Ben,

    Quite the contrary. I don’t spit venom, I leave that up to disgruntled frustrated National supporters.

    Lets see where David Shearer ends up, I think you will be eating humble pie. Similar comments were made about Helen Clark.

  19. Credible after “Sensing Murder”;

    I think not

  20. Got a blog Alan? so’s I can have a read?

  21. Simon Schama, Alain de Botton, Nigel Latta…the world is full of would-be-heavyweight lightweights who happen to be tv-friendly-trendy, but actually have almost nothing to say that isn’t already known, if one only THINKS about it. (It’s usually called “common” sense).