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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. Looks more like St. Brian to me and it is left hand drive.

  2. Very good, Brian.

    I drove past the Westmere Butchery today, and was almost inspired to stop in and ask for some Belgium sausage (as those of us born in the South Island rightly call it!).

    Also, useless St Patrick’s Day trivia fact: –

    One hundred years ago today (if Captain Scott kept his diary correctly – he was under extreme duress) Captain L.E.G. Oates, of the Inniskilling Dragoons (Northern Ireland) on his birthday, St Patrick’s Day no less, left his comrades’ tent with the words, “I am just going outside and may be some time”.

  3. Pat sent them to England, who sent them to NZ
    They thrived in the National and ACT Parties,(the Liberterianz thought they were a bit too pushy).

  4. Evidently the snakes did arrive here.

  5. Kimbo. “I might be gone some time..” is a phrase that I use many times on many occasions.
    A phrase to cover going to the pub,
    going to the toilet,
    getting a haircut,
    buying a pie,
    or going inside to explain to my wife why I haven’t….

    Try it!

  6. @ Ianmac

    He he he!

    I doubt my wife will regard me as a hero like Oates if I did!

    Therefore, I will pass on your suggested opportunity to embrace valour!

    P.S. Patrick was probably born in modern Cornwall, rather than Ireland.

    Also, I heard a story that a few years ago they did actually find a grass snake in Ireland, but refused to believe it until it had been verified by the appropriate zoological experts at Trinity University in Dublin. But then I hear the Irish suspect lots of things are the tricks of perfidious Albion – including, most likely, that story.

  7. I’ll chip in late to point out that this amusing piece was posted by JC. Please people, check this. Both of our hosts post pieces to this blog, and it is a regular, but very cringeworthy mistake, for commenters to praise (or scold) the wrong one.

    Having gone public on that I’ll no doubt make the same mistake myself sometime soon. For the same reason than complaints about spelling, grammar and style inevitably seem to have at least one typo.

  8. @ Bill Forster

    And yet again, a pedant salutes a fellow traveller. Thanks – and apologies, JC!

  9. Hi Kimbo,
    Sorry, I didn’t actually notice that my last two scold-posts were both directed at you. I’m not targeting you, honest :-) Let me take the opportunity to wish you well and thank you for your battles on this site. I think you get the following key point; It’s okay to disagree about politics but it’s not okay to extend disagreement to an attitude of superiority and an apparent assumption that your opponent must be a bad person. A lot of the commenters on this site don’t get that at all.

    Sorry to hosts for hijacking the thread.

  10. @ Bill Forster

    “Sorry, I didn’t actually notice that my last two scold-posts were both directed at you. I’m not targeting you, honest :-)”

    No need to apologise. No offence taken, and am grateful for your input.