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A promotion like this might even save TVNZ7!

 Need a little drama to get things moving?



  1. Absolutely brilliant. It actually reminds me of the drama currently being played out by Labour. The guy on the bike even looks and reacts like David Shearer.

  2. @ Rick

    The real drama is with National and the con-man Key. The guy on the bike is Banks. The guy pushing the button is Key.

  3. No, wait, there is more, the guy on the stretcher is Banks, the guy on the bike is Key and the woman standing by the button is Collins.

  4. No, wait, the whole thing is National.

    A BIG CON!

  5. No, wait, oh gosh!, I have probably just offended the entire 48% of brain dead Kiwis that voted National in 2011. Sorry dead brains your brighter future was a con.

  6. Hey this is fun, a whole blog to myself!

    Some sad ole dead brains really want New Zealanders to believe that Labour are too dumb and stupid to be in government and that business owners should run the country.

    This is the con National are selling.

  7. 7

    Kat, who pushed your button? But you are quite right. Labour ARE too dumb, stupid and divided to run the country which anyway depends on business owners to do everything useful.

  8. Imagine if they tried that in Texas. Half the people on the square would be dead.

  9. Alan, button is permanently pushed. I am a business owner and my Labour voting employees are very useful.

  10. 10

    Kat, they wouldn’t be useful without you. In fact, they probably wouldn’t even be here.

    mpledger, too true. While I was working in Canada I saw a Texas news story about a student who threatened his professor with a gun. The professor pulled his own and shot him dead.

  11. Alan, I will run my business, Labour will run the country, thats the best option eh?

  12. That was a very enjoyable video, but not as enjoyable as the commentary!

  13. 13

    The Happy Negress

    To Kat

    “No, wait, oh gosh!, I have probably just offended the entire 48% of brain dead Kiwis that voted National in 2011. Sorry dead brains your brighter future was a con.”

    You are very rude, Kat. I voted for National and I’m not “brain dead”.

  14. Who is going to set up the TV 7 promotion one early morning on the steps of parliament. Budget day would be a nice surprise.

  15. Kat: “No, wait, oh gosh!, I have probably just offended the entire 48% of brain dead Kiwis that voted National in 2011. Sorry dead brains your brighter future was a con.”

    32.9%, if you include the non-voters. (Calculated from

  16. Priceless. There is a big red button like that on the Interislander ferry bridge. On an open day I pressed it and the huge horn echoed around the Harbour. But nothing exciting happened like in the clip of yours JC. Next time?

  17. @ The Happy Negress

    When it comes to Key and National I can be very rude! I don’t suffer fools or con-men. But I stand corrected if DeepRed is correct its only 32.9% that are brain dead.

  18. Reminds of the Twilight Zone episode, “Button, Button”.

    I keep pressing it…

    … but National is still here. Damn. Y’nevergetthethingsyoureallywant…

  19. 19

    The Happy Negress, of course Kat’s comment tells us nothing about those who voted National but something about one who didn’t.

  20. For a sample of National/Act voters one can always head over to ‘Kiwi’blog for such gems as:

    “My local supermarket this morning was full of wogs, dagos and assorted coons.”

    “Veitch is buggered now
    Every feminist in the country will be crying “crucify” whilst pushing his ex to bring up every spec of dirt, while the anti violence lobby has a perfect example to druel over.
    NZ is not the place for a man to make a mistake.”

    On the demise of Paul Henry from TVNZ

    “Another victory for the socialist thugs. It isn’t enough that they can choose to change channel. Fuck you you thieving, lying looters.”

    “…its called a good ol’e lynching at an oak tree. The left do like to see the bastards swing from their necks. Pol Pot was pretty good at it.”

    So what exactly do Kats’ comments tell ‘us’ Alan?

  21. 21

    Luke, that she is silly enough to generalize about people she doesn’t know.

    So, it seems are you. Or do you concede that the comments you quoted are simply opinions of particular individuals rather than of half the population?

  22. @ Alan
    “Labour ARE too dumb, stupid and divided to run the country……..”

    Alan, you of course can generalise with impunity.

    You may wish to fool yourself, and you may not recognize a fool or a con-man when you see one, just don’t expect the other half of the population to be of fooled.

  23. @Kat & Alan: it all seems to be a symptom of the red-blue state divide landing in NZ. Pattrick Smellie certainly thinks so.

    We’re just lucky that no one’s done an Anders Breivik in NZ… yet.

  24. @ DeepRed

    That piece by Pattrick Smellie has the hook you mention but the line is pure right wing, and thats its sinker.

    The simple truth is New Zealanders were sold a pup in 2011, and one that just keeps chewing the furniture.

  25. @ DeepRed

    Actually New Zealanders were sold the pup in 2008, and a mangy dog in 2011.

  26. What’s for 2014 then? A rabid pit bull, maybe?

    No one’s questioning the need for austerity, but it becomes pointless if the austerity is uneven. If the austerity doesn’t also apply to the top 10%, it becomes socialism for the rich. To name a few examples:

    * The Holiday Highway: accident blackspots don’t need $3bn-plus to fix, unless construction industry pork is somehow involved, as is the case in Japan.
    * Canterbury irrigation scheme: a $400m farm subsidy by another name – weren’t these abolished in 1986?
    * The upcoming $120m Minitrue campaign for the asset sales programme, itself a likely kickback to Wall Street patronage.
    * TVNZ7 is going off the air, while NZ On Air approves tax-funded prolefeed marketed as docos, like The GC.
    * Problem gambling aside, the SkyCity wheeler-deal sends a clear message: honest hard work is nothing, patronage is everything. Even staunch free-marketeer Fran O’Sullivan agrees.

    Finally, off-topic, how did a seasoned finance house like JP Morgan manage to misplace $2bn?

    BE: Good summary, DeepRed. By the way, you’d enjoy the movie Margin Call.

  27. Ah yes, I just remembered… If austerity starts eating into the police and courts, I can easily see various companies who’ll do quite nicely on the sharemarket – namely Blackwater/Academi, Smith & Wesson, Kevlar, Blindacentre, Glassek, Guarda Patrimonial, Miguel Caballero and Astron Security.

  28. Imagine if we had equal prosperity, who would benefit the most in the here and now?

    Hope thats not too much of a brain-teaser!

  29. Kat – I’m a business owner too. If Labour were to fluke a win at the next election, my business will be on TradeMe before Shearer gets home with his smile.

  30. Zinc is a great sacrificial anode.