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Banks in the hot seat


  1. very funny

  2. “Please John. Don’t ask me any questions. The answers might umm..ah upset you. But John how about releasing some contentious Policies to distract the hordes? Oh. The policies aren’t quite ready yet? Well release them anyway. My arse is a it too hot. Bye.”

  3. I’m shocked, John; I’m truly shocked.
    My PR people told me that my trou was made from proven fire-retardant material.

  4. “John? John who? Sorry mate, my memory is completely shot and I don’t have a clue who you are.”

  5. …yip, its all a bit armature hour really – I am not sure if his is an idiot or he thinks we are idiots, the lack of respect is frightening…

  6. Chrissakes, John! Hurry up with that damn fire extinguisher of yours. By the time you get your ass around here, mine will be good only for an urn.

  7. It pays to remember that the spark for all this is the “KIm-Dotcom-is-really-a-good-guy” PR machine rolling into action, prior to his court case. That the unwanted, unloved, tea-sipping, carpet-bagging “MP for Epsom” is collateral damage is both a bonus and a most delicious piece of schadenfreude.
    You lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

  8. 8

    David Farrar has a good column in the Herald on ACT succumbing to Bank’s kiss of death.

  9. JB: *sniff, sniff* “what’s that smell…?”

    Even the right-eous folk at NBR are washing their hands of the Member for Empsom…

  10. Someone on a street corner in K Rd asked if anyone has seen a John. Yes, on TV3 today there is a John interviewing a John about another John.

  11. John will learn from this and will be a better MP/minister for it.

  12. Harvindar: Banks has been disturbing since he entered politics, and for those who knew him prior to that, probably longer.

    Some of us can remember him as minister of police. Now that was bizarre.

  13. JK-I’ll tell the media its not a problem

  14. Agreed Boris, he was a Minister of Police, therefore Molisk you would think by now he would be a better MP and Minister. “I think I’ve just crashed my helicopter at Coatesville John”.

  15. 15

    Banks was the Minister of Local Government who slanted the law to prevent areas forced into amalgamations by Bassett seceding. Nice that he lost Auckland mayoralty via another amalgamation.

  16. “Just a slight singe”, you said.
    “Can’t even notice it”, you said.
    “Don’t worry”, you said.

    Pal, I’ve got news for you…

  17. 17

    Jennifer Tooseman

    Poor Banksie! He’s been struck down by the deadly “alzheimers-schultz syndrome – ASS, to his friends! This occurs when one has been caught doing something “iffy”. One’s mind then automatically forgets knowing everything and everyone connected with the “iffy” behaviour, until the danger passes. German helmet and moustache optional!!!

  18. Satirising Banksie is kind of redundant right now. The whole thing comes across as an improvised episode of McPhail & Gadsby.

  19. Except that McPhail and Gadsby were occasionally funny. Banks is just a pest.

  20. I agree, Wake Up, and I think what we are witnessing with Dotcom’s revelations puts me in mind of the lines from the old song:

    “You can tell a man who boozes
    By the company he chooses –
    And the pig got up and slowly walked away.”

    Banks’s company has become too smelly for even Dotcom to pick up with tongs. Meanwhile JohnKey puts a peg on his nose, and clings to his majority come hell or high water.

  21. 21

    Daz, no, Key has been quite clear that if Banks broke the electoral law he will go.

  22. Good one Alan; Key is clearly acting with integerity and upholding the high standards we expect and deserve from our politicians. A stellar job indeed.

  23. 23

    This may come as a terrible shock to you, Luke, but I don’t expect politicians to be any better than those who elect them. And probably just as sanctimonious when it suits them.

  24. Alan

    Your expectations of politicians is remarkably low. I expect politicians to possess competence and to have morals. It appears that Banks has neither. I’m not sure why that should please you.

  25. 25

    Ross, my expectation is based on experience. What is yours? I would say that Banks has above average competence and morality – just not perfect.

    I’ve no idea why you think that pleases me. Lots of things happen in this world that don’t particularly please me. I have never been a Banks fan, in fact quite the opposite. However generally speaking I am repulsed by lynch mobs, particularly when politically motivated.

  26. “Key is clearly acting with integrity and upholding the high standards we expect and deserve from our politicians. A stellar job indeed.”

    Is this fellow Luke for real? Or is he being sarcastic?

    “I would say that Banks has above average competence and morality – just not perfect.”

    Yes Ross, Alan Wilkinson’s expectations are very low.

  27. 27

    Anne, if you can’t tell Luke is being sarcastic it’s hardly surprising your other judgments are equally flawed.

    Ross claimed Banks has no competence or morality. Absolutely ridiculous for anyone who has a clue and some knowledge of Banks’ life story. Political bias is no excuse for utterly stupid nonsense and I don’t see why it should be tolerated. And, as I have said, I don’t even like Banks – never have.

  28. Anne; sadly yes – I engaged in the lowest form of (attempted) wit. You’ll find it’s quite common around here.

    Alan; “I would say that Banks has above average competence and morality – just not perfect.” hmm I suppose that depends on what one deems as perefect.

    Theer was a time wheen Banks appeared to have strongly held moral convictions. He said (1999) “the casinos want the money of the most vulnerable people”, and invited parliamentarians to “go and watch the Polynesian-Maori office cleaners at 2 o’clock in the morning in the Auckland gambling den, to see what point I am making.”

    Two years earlier he was on the same theme, claiming that “the little people of this country have been sucked, hung, drawn, quartered, bled by these people in these casinos”. Kudos Brian Rudman via Denise Roche.

    Come 2012 a complete about-face. Moral? Power corrupts; all hail benign AI government implemnting policy only based on the scientific method.

  29. 29

    Luke, possibly Banks is now older and wiser. Luckily we are all able to change our opinions as facts or our awareness of them changes.

    Or possibly he is merely a political debater who, like a lawyer, puts the case he is currently trying to make as strongly and vividly as possible.

    I don’t accept your assumption that supporting the current Sky City deal is immoral.

  30. p.s Brian your website time is out by an hour; might want to have your nerds check the daylight savings box somewhere.

    BE: Thanks Luke. Think I’ve fixed it now.

  31. Alan; “possibly Banks is now older and wiser” certainly older re the later the Gooracle defines ‘Wise’ as “Having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment” – is performance of late has been anything but.

    “Or possibly he is merely a political debater who, like a lawyer, puts the case he is currently trying to make as strongly and vividly as possible.”

    Your disdain and lack of expectation for out political leaders is on record however most people expect their elected reprentatives to act with integrity. Banks himself stated “I am very pedantic around detail and I am absolutely wedded to the mantra of handshake business. You live by what you stand for and against – for better or for worse.”

  32. Apologies for the double post. I did not attribute quote from post above. Source:

  33. Thank-you for your clarification Luke @ 13:10. I thought as much. Confess I’m only an occasional reader at this site so not familiar with the regulars.

  34. Funny how one lone male fruit fly flew out of the seat of those pants! Certainly took the heat out of Banks’s derriere!