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Extraordinary interview with Australian senator John Collins over massive oil-spill off coast of Queensland

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  1. Now that’s what I call a real politician. You’re very fortunate he went to Australia, Brian, your advisory career wouldn’t have stood a chance.

  2. very very funny – John Clarke is brilliant , a great pity we lost him to Australia .

  3. Rewatch “The Games “and still have a great laugh,someone who definitely deserves greater recognition.I note that on Wikipedia that Fred Daggs Greatest Hits is one of New Zealands best selling records.Possibly not, but definitely adds to the legend that is John Clarke

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    These are always entertaining and usually laugh-out-loud hilarious. I’ve subscribed on youtube so not to miss any. They’re here:

    And thanks Brian, for sharing this one.

  5. Would somebody please nominate John Clarke for a knighthood!

    BE: Great idea, Kevin. I’m up for it. But then, some might say he deserted the motherland and hold it against him. Who Knows? It’d be fun anyway.