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Last words on my critique of TVNZ’s ‘Fair Go’ (after Lewis Carroll)

   But  answer  came  there  none!

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  1. Exactly. Apart from Milne’s little tsk, tsk … silence.

  2. ”The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
    ‘To talk of many things:
    Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax —
    Of cabbages — and kings —
    And why the sea is boiling hot —
    And whether pigs have wings.”

  3. I hope Kevin Milne replies -Theres always two sides.

  4. pjr, but there is no possible defence except: “yes, the process is crap but we do our best to be fair”

    … which is implicit in Milne’s reply – he just avoided admitting the first part.

    The weight and tone of the comments to Brian’s critique as well as Brian’s own experience strongly suggests that the second part of the answer is inadequate. That leaves Fair Go with nothing to say, but perhaps to adopt their successful legal strategy of delay, obfuscation and attrition – exactly what they are doing.

  5. Im quite prepared to wait for Kevins reply ,especially to the post from Helen.If we should have learnt anything from this ,it is that silence doesnt nessesarily mean guilt.

  6. That posting from Helen demands aresponse. If Mr Milne fails to reply we will draw the apropriate conclusions.

  7. Ummm. Ben, have you thought that Kevin might not have read Helen’s post? Don’t jump to too many conclusions! How often do you keep going back to a thread?

  8. @ River Howe

    “Ummm. Ben, have you thought that Kevin might not have read Helen’s post?”

    Elsewhere on this website you can see some good professional advice for non-media trained folks on how to politely but firmly being drawn into commenting in a media-publicise. Milne is exercising his right to do so.

    However, the problem you overlook, River Howe, is Milne has to respond on moral and professional grounds, courtesy of his journalistic profession. This conversation is not taking place in a darkened corner. Therefore he would be negligent not to keep a track of it. Indeed Milne has been – as evidenced by his comments on previous threads, and his comments to the NZ Herald. Yet no comment or meaningful interaction that deals with the substance of the allegations…

    Similarly, Fair Go, of its very nature demands disclosure from those it pursues. Now Milne is hypocritically going very coy, and as has been noted above, indulging in obfuscation through media third parties.

    Which means loss of credibility for both Milne, and the Fair Go brand.