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If you missed Joshua Iosefa’s compelling oratory on Campbell Live – here it is. Don’t miss it again – he’s amazing!


  1. Just rap, without a beat. Too many words injected purely because they rhyme (which is typical of the form)and some nasty mistakes with grammar. However this is better than most of the rap/hip-hop dross that is nearly impossible to avoid in this country -and a laudable sentiment. He clearly has vocal talent, stage courage and presence but does it constitute “compelling oratory”? Hmmm… Love to see him paying more attention to Shakespeare.

    BE: A rather carping and ungenerous assessment, I thought. He uses a variety of quite complex literary devices which he accompanies with different rhythms and intriguing gestures. To bring this down to “nasty mistakes with grammar” seems to me to completely miss the point in a speech called Brown Brother lamenting the reputation of Pacifc Islanders as being at the bottom of the socio-economic heap. The speech is in his lingua franca. Bugger grammar! I’m sticking with “brilliant”. I predict we’ll hear a lot more of this lad.

  2. fantastic, and verbalIy talented, For some one so young and one to be proud of,

  3. Joshua Iosefa makes me extraordinarily proud to be a Mt Roskill Old Boy. He lit up the assembly hall (looks like the same one I sat in almost 50 years ago) like never before. His speech should be re-broadcast in every secondary school in the country. He is an inspiration to every young New Zealander, not just those who identify as ‘brown’. Good on Campbell live for re-enacting it.
    As for John Wilson, I think I just feel sorry for him.

  4. John Wilson’s consciousness is the dark and narrow corridor open only in meagre illumination to miserly key holders.
    Shakespeare never lived down that corridor either.

  5. He ain’t heavy…

  6. Bloody brilliant. His speech actually gave me with goose bumps … and hope.

    He’s a natural and engaging communicator and will undoubtedly go a long way.

  7. What a star – for now and the future!!! Thanks for sharing Brian.

  8. Great! Encouraging to see a very talented and insightful display of oration from our younger generation. Sadly, there will always be people like John Wilson who are critical of anyone not conforming to their standards and values. Thanks Brian.

  9. There was a moment when Joshua could also have used the words “brown sister” – but that’s just a small observation on my part, no big deal. His speech was superb, and nowhere as near to street vernacular as John Wilson seems to think. Joshua treads the line between street and study perfectly.