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Judy and Brian are en route to Italy. Back end of September. See you again then. Ciao!


  1. godere Bunga Bunga

  2. Enjoy!

  3. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Have a lovely trip Brian and Judy and don’t worry about us we will just talk amongst ourselves.

    Assets sales – after all that drama it looks like the bloody assets are not worth what they thought they were. The book value of Mighty River was jacked up with some accounting trickery called “fair value assets” ie they valued the assets based on what they think they might earn , not on what they are worth . Have we learn’t nothing for the global financial collapse?

  5. @ Richard

    Turn your TV to B&W, pop the bunny ears on top and Key & Co suddenly look up to date.

  6. great !!!buon viaggio!

  7. Kat thanks for the laugh , you are so right and Okey Dokey John and Co are so old school.

  8. Richard the humour really belongs to president Obama, I borrowed it because it just fits the current govt here to a tee.

  9. What do you think of dotcoms media workings now? I think John Campbell caused him to think the rest of NZ would be so blinded

  10. Yes Martin hes probably becoming a bit like Berlusconi, entertaining for a moment and then an annoying hedonic