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Julia Gillard disembowels Tony Abbott – A lesson for our MPs and party leaders on how to make a political speech!

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  1. He certainly had it coming.

  2. When you consider her speech was in response to a motion of no confidence in the Speaker Peter Slipper who had admitted sending some of the vilest sexist comments on his cell phone it puts matters in a different light.For a female Labor Prime Minister to be defending this sort of a person’s behaviour is incomprehensible to me.

    BE: I’m not aware of Gillard having ‘defended this sort of a person’s behaviour’, i.e. ‘sending some of the viest sexist comments on his cell phone’. Her response, as I understand it, is to accusations of sexism on her part by Abbott. None of the examples she cited have, to my knowledge, been refuted or denied by him. That being the case, I think her response was entirely justified – and quite brilliantly delivered.

    The voice is dire, less because of her accent (I have no trouble with accents.) than because of its monotonous tone. Yet, despite this, the address was riveting.

  3. God that was beautiful

  4. Jeff – listen to the speech – she actually admonishes Mr Slipper for his behaviour.

  5. I saw it on a US blog , Mark Morford SF Chronicle, used as advise for Obama on how he should deal to Mitt Romney . It has certainly gone viral.

    Yes her voice was dire but in some way the monotonous tone and the slow build up of emotion packed a strange sort of power.

    Great stuff

    Can we head hunt her for the NZ Labour Party ?

  6. Paused at the 3:14 mark. Head started to throb.

  7. Wow, that was impressive. I don’t think I’d like Julia on my case.

  8. For a contrary opinion you should pehaps read Graham Richardson’s [ex Australian Labor Party Cabinet Minister] column in todays The Australian.
    The following is an excerpt.

    “The hypocrisy of defending Slipper while attacking Abbott for not respecting women is breathtaking. Abbott should be criticised for standing in front of signs calling the PM “Brown’s bitch”, but that in no way alters the words of Slipper’s texts.

    The PM’s judgment this week, and sadly in too many other weeks, was appalling. In defending Slipper, she ditched all ethics and principles in an effort to hang on until tomorrow. Through all the crises she has faced, it appears that the PM’s goal is to get through the day. To survive another drama. She has always believed that somehow tomorrow will be better. Unfortunately, for Gillard that tomorrow never comes.”

  9. If Julia losses the next election lets get her over here. David Shearer watch out. Jeff are you deliberately misunderstanding what’s happening here or are you just thick.

  10. Oh this was absolutely classic. She finishes by waggling her finger at him. @Jeff, surely you can respect that while she didn’t follow any kind of ‘protocol’, she stitched Abbott up as well as any male politician on the rampage.
    As I have blogged, it just shows what females can be capable of. It;s just a pity she finished up by pulling out the ‘poor women’, they need to be on more boards’, message.

  11. @ Jeff (both comments)

    Hilliard most certainly did not defend Slipper. She explicitly attacked his comments and said very clearly why. She also said Parliament’s decision should wait tiill the Court’s decision was issued.

    Her challenge was to the hypocrisy of Abbott bringing this forward and she said clearly why she objected. None of her facts have been disputed. Abbott is in disgrace in any civilised country as a result.

    Graeme Richardson is no one to look to for an opinion worth regarding. His length of time in politics is overwhelmingly offset by his conduct. He always has an agenda.

    This speech was a tour de force.. It is only by ignoring her attack on Slipper that anyone salvage anything from it for Abbott.

  12. Wow! That was powerful. Monotonous her voice may be, but somehow it was all the more relentless, as were her deadly repetitions.
    To see Abbott wriggling under her scorching contempt underlined the effectiveness and ferocity of her attack.
    Thanks so much for showing us this, I’d been longing to see it.
    Great entertainment, since we’re not involved!

  13. What Gillard has done with the speech is not just skewer Abbott, but raise the issue of sexism in a broader Australian context. A Guardian article on Gillard cites statistics from Australia in areas such as sexual harassment, salary differentials and authority positions. There’s clearly a large gender gap.

    I have mixed feelings about Gillard, mainly because of her seeming willingness to place American interests over and above the rights and security of Julian Assange. But on this issue she’s on the mark. Abbott looked flayed and rather abject toward the end, but then he was really the author of his own fate. What’s surprising is that he thought he could get away with it.

  14. @Jeff – the reaction of the (white, aging, male) Canberra press gallery and the rest of the media elites as outlined by you was completely at odds with the way the speech was recieved by the Australian (and it fact the entire planets) public. Women everywhere in particular have gone absolutely and completely nuts over it.

    The divergence in the elite reaction of the press gallery and the popular reaction in comments, blogs, facebook, vox-pops etc etc is a salutary reminder of the dangers of isolating yourself within a beltway and a salutary reminder of what happens when you allow the elites to completely dominate all aspects of the media debate, and it should remind politicians that sometimes saying what you think and displaying the passion that got you involved in politics and damn the advisors and spinmeisters isn’t such a bad idea.

    I have always said that one of the tools to separate the working class from the middle class is that where the middle class whine “It isn’t fair” the working class don’t. They already know it isn’t fair, they just get on with it. This gives the common people a formidable bullshit detector – for example, they know what middle class HR managers really mean when they talk about “transitions” or “working together to ensure the organisations success”. They know jargon riddled bullshit when they hear it, and they know insincere focus group bullet points when they hear from coming from the mouths of politicians. Luckily for Australia, and Unlike NZ, the common people there are still well enough paid, and well enough organised, for their voices to occassionally cut through the chattering classes talking past each in the media.

    What is it about Gillard’s speech that has made it a viral sensation? The thing that shines out from Gillard’s speech is her outrage and anger and genuine passion. It is a powerful reminder of what politics was once all about. The bullshit detectors of the Anglospheres long suffering populations heard her speech and it was happy. Politics is about powerful beliefs. In that way, it is similar to religion. We use terms like “tribal” Labour and National voters, but really they are religious constituencies for whom the party is an article of faith. Vote Labour, and they’ll look after the poor. Nowadays, the professionalisation of politics, Paganism, the hollow men and the institutionalisation of our established political parties have robbed our politics angry men and women who simply will not put up with the status quo or regard sexism and misogyny as simply word to be bandied about for political advantage.

    Once, packed halls and crowded street corners and the parliament itself ressonated daily with speeches delivered with the venom and passion Gillard displayed, and the voters cheered or cursed according to their beliefs. Fist fights broke out and fruit and sometimes more dangerous missiles were thrown. Now, our politics are colourless and passion and truth in a speech is such a rare occurance that it is a viral sensation. If anyone wants to see the maliase of the Anglosphere democracies, just compare Gillard’s real deal with the nonsense a Key or a Cameron spouts or the utterly corrupt fakery of the American political process, a nation that has raised wilful delusion to the status of cultural identifier and have Romney and Obama as a result.

  15. > it just shows what females can be capable of

    Hmmm but did she write the speech or was it written by a fella?

    As for sexism, Abbott promoted paid parental leave for mothers, a more generous policy than that of the government. I’m not sure a sexist would do that.

  16. Interesting article about Gillard’s speech.

  17. Well researched, well written, and passionate.

    Abbot has no where to go.

    Mind you anything can happen in OZ. They do play NRL and bowl underarm.