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“The Rumble” Bill O’Reilly versus Jon Stewart: Republican v Democrat; Right v Left; Conservative v Liberal – Great fun and great viewing!

[Well, I hope some of you saw it. It’s since been deleted from You Tube for reasons of copyright. Sorry!]


  1. Watched it yesterday. 1:33hrs.Thought to watch a few minutes but became intrigued right to the end where Jon Stewart sat on Bill’s knee like he was Father Christmas.

  2. I like the way Stewart thinks and argues his case.

  3. Where did it go?

  4. If O’Reilly is the best that the right wing can produce, this is a major worry!

  5. Even in the real debate between Romney and Obama the ideological chasm was very apparent. I couldn’t help thinking there are a lot of similarities with whats happening here in NZ. It’s the belief that the best govt is the one that governs the least vs the belief that best govt is the one the governs the best.

    BE: Quite right. The economic issues in particular are the same here as in the States – how to retire the national debt. And the responses of the major parties there and here are pretty well the same. This was pretty evident in the O’Reilly/Stewart ‘rumble’.

  6. At 13.36 Stewart makes the following comments that reminded me of what happened to TVNZ 7:

    “The reason that we invest in things like public television is that it brings educational programs to communities that would not have it, and it’s one of the best investments we ever made in this country”.

    At 32.55, he states:
    “There is a connection when the government invested in infrastructure and its’ people and the success of this country”.

    So in other words, he’s referring to ‘social capital’, and the role of public broadcasting in producing it.