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Dumb Ways To Die – which will make you smile!


Why? Because I think it’s brilliant and absolutely delightful and you may have missed it. Tell your friends.


  1. Yup seen it and telling all my friends.
    Love it and such a jaunty little sing a long chorus too.

  2. Agree it’s a catchy tune, with a good message.
    Was just waiting for a line about smoking..

  3. Aww…. innit just neat, to see a coming-together of the Labour caucus in the making of this?
    I see Shearer, Cunliffe, King, Dalziel, Dyson, Street, Robertson, Goff, Hipkins, Ducky and Jonesy….

    The bloodletting has been staunched and the healing has begun. Sniff!

  4. Yes I also thought of the Labour Caucus after yesterdays efforts.
    Sadly David Shearer needed to hear it before yesterday!

    For the Caucus some light relief before reaching out,
    oh but don,t forget to press your sensitivity buttons.

  5. Pretty random, Brian. Unless, it’s meant to serve as a foreboding parable to Labour. In which case, who’s ladelling out the Kool-Aid?

  6. Shessh, some of you need to get out more. It’s a clever little clip with a catchy tune.

    It is entirely possible to enjoy something without politically labeling it in line with your own agenda.

  7. @ Neil: “It is entirely possible to enjoy something without politically labeling it in line with your own agenda.”

    Not quite. It has strong political overtones, because it’s an educational video which was commissioned for the Labour Party Conference. With the strict requirement that it be produced in animation to keep the attendees’ minds from wandering.

    It was a big hit. Wander around the parliamentary corridors and you will hear this ditty being hummed from inside any of their MPs’ offices.

  8. It is hard to fathom how someone dying (by whatever cause) is something that will make you smile. How can a death apparently caused by some misfortune which was probably not foreseen as life threatening by the victim be labelled a “dumb way to die”. I like a good joke but not at the expense of someone who has died.

  9. I agree with LP. I had a friend who died while (foolishly) trying to repair an air conditioner. It was a dumb way to die and I mourn him. So I didn’t smile and I didn’t find this post “delightful”.

  10. The brainchild of this is one grotesque individual. Macabre. Any one who is “delighted” in seeing this, must be practicing the black arts.

  11. I like it.
    I take life seriously, with a light touch
    Any other way to me is a dumb way to live

  12. Oooo! I found it to be absolutely “delightful”.
    Especially, the fountains spurting blood.

    My grandchildren are in for an extra special treat at Christmas Day dinner, because gramps is going to show this on his home theatre, full screen HD projector and 5+ Dolby Surround Sound.

  13. 211,976 likes, 5,155 dislikes after nearly 20 million views, 40 to 1 like it, so if you don’t like it, put your head back in your barrel.