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These subhumans should do time.

Before you read on, take a look at this video clip which appeared on Campbell Live last night:

The word ‘disgusting’ is used by two people in the clip to describe the behaviour of the men in the boat, but it barely does justice to the characters of the sub-humans who took pleasure in repeatedly driving a jetboat into black swans on Tauranga harbour, then returning  to have a second go at the birds they had already injured as they struggled in the water; who laughed as they mowed the swans down; who were so proud of their brutality that they filmed the slaughter and themselves. To what purpose? To relive the experience? To show their friends? To demonstrate the skill and the manliness of driving a jetboat at creatures that had  little or no chance of getting out of the way? To savour once again the heady taste of inflicting such terrible suffering?

I guess you could call me a liberal in the area of crime and punishment. You’ll find several posts on this site where I attempt to persuade readers that before condemning people for their misdeeds, it’s important to look at the formative experiences and influences in childhood and early life that predetermined their later offending.  That’s still my position. But sometimes, in the face of such cruelty, it’s difficult to make the connection. My instinct watching the video was to shout obscenities at the screen, to verbally abuse these killers with as much force and energy as they had physically abused their hapless victims. You worthless, fucking, bastard scum!   

When I calmed down I realised that in my rage I’d missed the real crime: they had their children in the boat with them. What message do you give a child when you take pleasure in torturing and killing animals?  That it’s OK to torture and kill animals. What message do you give a child when you laugh at the suffering of animals? That making animals suffer is fun. It’s common knowledge today that violent offending frequently has its beginnings in animal cruelty. I doubt that the men in the boat would have known it or would have cared if they did, but they were schooling their children to become the violent offenders of tomorrow.

In the telephone interview with Campbell Live reporter Tom McRae one of the men expresses surprise that what he and his mate had done is illegal and that this degree of deliberate animal cruelty could attract a fine of up to $100,000 and/or five years in jail. He says, ‘A bit hard to believe.’ I wondered just what it was that he found ‘a bit hard to believe’ – that mowing down black swans in a jetboat was illegal, or that the penalty was so stiff. Either way, the fact that he found it ‘a bit hard to believe’ spoke volumes about him.

This is what I think should happen to these guys: they should forfeit the boat and should be sent to prison for a month at least. I doubt that their kids will suffer from the temporary absence of their parenting.

Their names and occupations should not be suppressed.


  1. Couldn’t have said it any better Brian.

    I saw the promo for this story while watching the news last night and that was enough viewing for me. Made me feel sick to my stomach. Hearing that children were present makes it even worse.

    I wonder though if the ‘participants’ knew how stiff the penalty is for such a crime beforehand -would they still have done it? Honestly, the things people do for fun these days!? The world is rapidly going to hell in a handcart.

    In any case they are lower than low. I agree name ‘em and shame ‘em.

  2. Great to see you having healthy right wing opinions. Join us on the dark side… Lol

    BE: I’ll take it as a compliment.

  3. 100% agreement Brian. I don’t know about the netiquette on your blog of cross posting, especially as in other areas (politics) we are quite different, but I can guarantee this ‘swine’ is a hunter: my post on NZ’s hunting culture.

    Quoting relevant portion:

    ‘Although something else, also, when considering issues of animal cruelty: New Zealand’s hunting culture. I grew up on a farm, albeit one where my father wouldn’t allow guns – though I suspect that was to do with my family, then, being Exclusive Brethren (and regards that I was sickly fortunate to have an intellectually handicapped sister who the whiskey alcoholics running the Brethren took to be ‘evil’, and thus my direct family were thrown out – mindlessness again, but yay) – plus a father whose most hated farm job, and one which he never stopped hating, was killing sheep for our own table. It was good he never stopped hating that: it defined him as a thinking, compassionate, empathetic human. But this meant I’ve always been around the hunting culture of our rural communities, and though it was never something I thought about overly when growing up, for whatever reason, now, perhaps because I’m spending more and more time living in the Marlborough Sounds, it’s something I seem to be pondering.

    I have to say I’m ‘over’ hunting culture. Completely.

    Yes, I know we have to control pests, such as possum, I’m grown up and understand that, but that’s not what hunting culture is about. Nor is it about feeding ourselves anymore: in the twenty first century we farm our meat humanely, and have you ever tried eating wild meat? Wild boar is so tough, it’s hard to get off the bone, and hare is as tough as old rope: farmed meat is much more palatable. But that’s by the by. As far as I can tell, hunting culture is supposedly about, at best, testing oneself against nature, and also, I’ve had the odd hunter ­- and these were odd hunters -­ who have tried to inform me there’s some sort of mystical communing with nature involved (that woo woo Robin Hood set to Enya nonsense; stag heads rising out of the mist, druids, and all that …). I say a pox on both counts.

    Here’s what hunting is: hunting is sitting on one hillside with a bazooka and telescopic sight while you bravely try and destroy every completely defenceless, living thing on the hillside across the valley, your only risk the rifle of the mate you’ve taken with you (mindlessness again rears its head). I just don’t buy into the bullshit anymore. If you want what you profess, hunters, take up tramping, or vege gardening, otherwise, arm the wildlife, or go into the bush only armed with a spear, killing at arm’s length: that would be a test, just like in the days hunting was an essential for living; the days of cave men, that civilised men have responsibly walked away from. And I’ve not seen a single pig dog ­- and I’ve seen a lot – whose life wouldn’t be improved by being euthanized.

    Considering all of the above, indeed, I reckon I’m only a $7,000 BBQ and my stomach away from an ethical vegetarianism.

    Anyway, my public service for this week, and for the mindless who are incapable of thinking these issues through, let me give a guide to dog ownership…’

    BE: Almost invariably during the duck hunting season I write a post suggesting that to make the ‘sport’ fair the ducks should have shotguns as well. The interesting thing about this is the rage which this humorous suggestion provokes among people who get enjoyment, under the guise of necessary culling, from shooting a beautiful creature out of the sky. I once asked the Duke of Edinburgh about how he could justify hunting. He cited the need for culling certain species and said, ‘You wouldn’t want elephants running down Queen Street, now would you?’ Wilbur Smith speaks of ‘the hunter’s melancholy’ after he/she’s killed some animal. I suppose that’s something at least.

    All that said, I don’t want to suggest that hunters have the sort of mentality demonstrated by these ratbags.

  4. It really is of minor importance what wet bus ticket punishment the courts hand down (and I am sure that the courts will say “tut tut, what naughty boys”), the critical thing is that they are named with their photos published so that people know who they are and what they are capable of.

  5. It’s a lovely day.
    Let’s go out and kill something.
    Birds, animals, fish; doesn’t matter as long as it’s alive and defenceless.

  6. Schadenfreude.

    BE: The word means ‘joy at others’ misfortunes’. I’m not sure I understand your point.

  7. I think the people responsible in our TV and print media that took up the cudgel from Goebbels and set out to brainwash a generation or two in the virtues of violence, for a profit of course, should be the ones locked up.

    Teach your children well.

  8. The offender expresses surprise that his actions were illegal.
    And why not, when this isn’t: (2:20 mark)

  9. The person who committed this hideous crime against defenceless animals deserves no sympathy from us, the fact that this (so called) adult had his children with him whilst he committed his senseless act of unimaginable cruelty. One has to question how fit he is as a parent and the potential damage he may have done to the young minds of his children. Hopefully this callous individual will face the full force of the judiciary and suffers the consequences’ of his grotesque actions.

  10. Hopefully there is a special place in hell for bastards like that!

  11. Unfortunately they may be from a line of such miscreants.Now is our chance to break the chain.In some ways they deserve pity for being unable to appreciate the wonder of life.

  12. Sad all right. To have that callous attitude to wildlife anyone would think that these killers had recently been listening to respected commentators passionately defending the cruel and unnecessary slaughter of thousands of birds every single day or something….

  13. Sadly, if charges are laid at all, the judiciary will let us all down yet again. This degree of cruelty COULD attract a fine of $100k and 5 years in the clink. But more likely, and only if the judge is as seriously sicken as we are, it’ll be 50 hours community service and a $250 donation the some animal charity.

    So what do you have to do to our wildlife to get 10% of the maximum sentence? I shudder to think. It’s time for MINIMUM sentences for crimes such as this.

    Ever watched a fishing programme? Why do fishermen always whoop and holler so maniacally whenever they land a fish? Especially as quite often they don’t seem to want to eat it – they just want to stretch its lips. Idiots.

    Re sentencing for animal cruelty. It seems to me that the majority of judges live on a different planet. Even the second sentence seems grossly inadequate to me.

  15. “You worthless, fucking, bastard scum!”

    Concise and accurate – thank you Brian.

  16. I’m with you Brian, I went up to Nelson last weekend and while tiki touring around Tahuna beach in the rain, I cam across 3 seagulls, that had obviously been hit by a car, two were dead, run over, and the third was still alive, but looked injured, luckily there was a nature zoo right beside where the bird was, the good people there came and got the bird, obviously injured, and took him into care, I got back to chch the next day and rang to see if he was ok, unfortunately they had to put him down because of his injuries. Now who thinks it is ok to to just drive at a creature and run them over… what a sick world we have!!… You described those arseholes to a T.. unfortunately in our PC liberal kissy lovey dovey court system, these scum will walk away scott free, laughing over their notoriety and how cool they look on the vid… tbh they are lucky I never witnessed it, that or the seagull killers… I might be facing time myself otherwise!!

  17. The video is sickening for a number of reasons. What makes it so repellent is the fact that we see the footage of this act; I doubt a paragraph in the paper describing the incident would produce such a reaction, and would be unlikely to make a TV news spot. Sadly I bet such incidents are much more common than we imagine, but most morons have enough nous not to video their actions.

  18. I too was sickened by the original clip on Campbell Live the other evening. I’m pleased that it has been followed up and tonight’s clip on that programme has shown SPCA and Fish & Game have followed it up with a visit to the alleged boatie. I hope he/they have the book thrown at them. I really despair at the actions of our fellow human beings towards those who show contempt towards their own and those animals and birds who cannot fend for themselves against such barbaric assaults.

  19. Steve T: “Now who thinks it is ok to to just drive at a creature and run them over…”

    I do, but only if it’s a possum.

  20. Fair enough. So major slaughter via cat ok, minor via boat reprehensible. Cool. “You fools! That’s not how you spell graffiti!” Off to bed.

  21. I agree that the actions of the adult/s in the boat are made even worse by the fact they have their children in the boat. However, I disagree that a month is a long enough sentence, even though that is more than what he will probably receive.

    He committed an act of animal cruelty, and on more than one occasion. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he’d done much worse.

    In New Zealand we are far too soft on animal cruelty cases, and it is disgusting considering we pride ourselves on our environment and natural habitat. Our birds and other animals are a part of our precious environment. Our courts will probably give him a small fine and be done with it, sending a message that we are a bunch of hypocrites who don’t actually care.

    Naming and shaming should have been done a long time ago. Some people need to see the public-repercussions of their actions.

  22. hi brian, sean fliegner here – cruelty for cruelty’s sake needs to be stopped

    those turds responsible need what we prosecutors call a “deterrent sentence” a big enough prison sentence so that they, their kids, and those like minded – are given pause for thought

    nothing left or right wing about this

    this week here in sydney a man of colour – jeremy fermandez – who reads the ABC news – was bullied by another bus passenger, in front if his young child – and told to inter alia ‘fuck off you black cunt to where you came from’

    only words

    but true to form the state government employed bus driver told the coloured man (and his young daughter) to get off the bus

    jeremy refused

    note – the bus driver told the victim of racial abuse – the victim – to get off the bus

    what do both events have in common ?

    nothing ? no. in both cases a school yard bully won the day

    the racist, and the driver in sydney, the turd in new zealand – we – the 99% – who reject cruelty for cruelty’s sake – have rights too

    BE – be as right wing as you like – common decency is ok

    next watch tamihere promote himself back into labour – every bit the coward when diminishing strong women, poofters, and holocaust survivors who say “I wont forget” …