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Perfectly Timed Photos (An Occasional Series)



  1. Oh dear Charlie , where was your PR handler ?

  2. Caption ?

    • Just for you, Dick.


      “Lacking in confidence, you say?
      Here, let me show you how to express yourself”.

      • Very good Desi .
        ” Awfully sorry madam I seemed to have taken quite some time pinning that medal on your um chest, one has to get these things right”.

  3. 3

    At the time of his engagement to Diana, I recall reading that Charles “liked them stacked”.
    However, Charles is a gentleman (at least in public) so, I’m sure there’s an innocent explanation. Unfortunately, we’ll never know what it is.
    How many cringe-worthy photos have we all got? Charles must have thousands.

  4. Or Perhaps he just cant help himself.

  5. I say, that reminds me, I must get the handling sorted on the old Bristol.

  6. “OK, it’s a deal. I make you a Dame, and they’re mine for a week.”

  7. By Jove, My Girl, I think you’ve got it.
    Indeed, with a bit of juggling, I should be able to bury my face between the two.

  8. I get the feeling this sort of thing would really appeal to little boys sniggering together in the playground over underwear ads.

    • Except they are way past ‘underwear ads’ now!

      • 8.1.1

        You’re not wrong there, Girl. We’ve progressed past those prepubescent antics; we’re now attired in gaberdine coats, making nocturnal raids on clotheslines.

        I’ll bet, had that pic been of Princess Margaret reviewing an honour guard made up of hunky firemen, you two would be the first to be posting, feverishly.

        Chill, you two cougars.

        • You’d lose your bet. I read this blog for intelligent and thoughtful analysis, not juvenile stuff like this.


            But It’s not “juvenile”; it does test the ol’ noodle because it requires some “thoughtful analysis”. The trick is to produce a caption that reflects the pic’s many composite elements into a unified singularity. Since, all the posters’ contributions relate to Charles making the utterances, this blog can seem sexist. So, let me shift the fulcrum and see if I can’t produce a more even gender-balance which will satisfy your intellect.

            “Ah-Ah-Ahhh, Your Royal Highness. I did say — look as long you like, but no touchy-touchy”.

            Happy, now?

      • 8.1.2

        Don’t knock it, Kat. It’s provided billions of women with security, support and families.

        And a bit of fun now and then.

  9. “There are just a couple of outstanding points I’d like to go over”.

  10. Engaging the enemy are we Charlie?

  11. 11

    Warren Loveridge

    CHARLES: just one more little tweak to the right…[steps back]…and it’s, yes, perfectly straight now my dear. Carry on!

    FEMALE SOLDIER: Thank you, Your Highness. It’s these cheap military brassieres, you know.

  12. “So happy to meet ‘them’, I feel like crying”.

  13. The ghost of Benny Hill gropes.

  14. “No, seriously, the lobster was this big and bloody Harry ate the whole thing!”