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David Cunliffe Nomination Speech – The Opera!


  1. Wonderfully modest and understated from David Pavarotti Cunliffe.

  2. Key must be sent a copy on CD for his listening pleasure while on his looooooooooooong holiday!

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    Even wikipedia says that Cunliffe is tops. He is a handy orator, politically experienced with the difficult health and immigration portfolios, was minister for ICT, associate minister of finance, chaired select committees, held various spokesmanship’s, is an honorary fellow of NZCS, fought the good fight in the snapper debate sticking up for everyday kiwis, utilises social media well, looks good in a beard, is just the right age to connect with the young and oldguard, has a great education, understands IT, understands Auckland, understands America, understands big business, has worked in business advisory, is a former diplomat, is favored by Clark, supports the Auckland city mission and is a budget advisor for Wgtn city mission, has a nice house, will appeal more to the swinging voter and non voter, looks fresh, and it is his time…. but you can’t help getting the feeling that an important factor has been missed. The uneasy feeling that something crucial was overlooked that might really sway things big time as soon as it is stumbled across…. ahah! now I remember: The majority of the nation loves cats.

    How can the right neutralise this completely devious felinesque aspect of Cunliffe. Are there any scandals about loony cat huggers to dig up? And in regard to this term “loony”, maybe it’s timely the loony RIGHT, be reminded of some of their looniest loons on history’s loony scale. When the right starts loonily ranting about looniness, it surely comes from experts. From loony norwegian gunmen, to loony doctors like Mengele, right back to grandaddy loon Attila, being examples of towering looniness that far out loony’s any looniness on the left. Those who will be consigned to history’s loony bin, after being driven loony by all the past looniness, they have to live down – might wish to disagree.. like some loon. A heartfelt meow to you guys.

    • 3.1

      Oh really?

      The loony Left has a massive lead on points, if not a knockout, even counting the National Socialists against them rather than for them.

      • 3.1.1

        U think…? Right wing nuttiness is scary. Think US Christian fundamentalist. This scares me more than The Taliban..


          They play in a different league. Right-wing nut jobs hunt singly. The loony Left hunt in a pack and if given Government power kill en masse over time rather than a few unfortunates that happen to be in the path of a deranged individual.

  4. I think all political discourse should be under taken in such a format.