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Real Yachting!




  1. If we win (good chance it might go to the New York Court system to get a result) my pick would be to adopt this class for the challenge

    • A good chance it might? I would say there’s very little chance it won’t!

    • Funny thing. I remarked to someone only yesterday that the next Americas Cup racing should be in P-Class boats.
      Of course, there’s not much money in it, is there?

  2. No sign of Trevor Mallard so it looks good to me.

  3. If ETNZ surrender an 8-1 lead, to lose to OTUSA, they’ll need to go back to the basics– ergo, the above pic.

  4. The Americas cup is not yachting any more even our skipper acknowledged this. Its become a new form or high speed wind driven water sport .
    Hell when the wind shifts to the south they can’t race because they are not experienced with that wind. Never heard a yatchy say that before.

    However, it is exciting to watch , its a weirdly surreal spectacle. Unreal and unrelated to yachting but entertaining.

  5. Maybe even this
    Firebug – build a boat and learn to sail