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Felix the furless feline

After being hit by a car, Felix arrived home post-surgery looking like this:

Day after the orthopedic surgeon got at me.

Two weeks later, bandages gone and sutures removed:

Felix two weeks on

He’s semi-naked, resentful and (mainly) confined to a cage – for another month! But he gets out to sunbathe for a while. ¬†And he still knows what handbasins were designed for:

Still knows what handbasins are for




  1. Pleased to see him on the road to recovery.

    Is your bank account on the same road?

  2. Sadly up here in the Far North we have to contend with vigilante neighbours as well. In this case a senile octogenarian who traps cats in a variety of ways and then shoots them. We brought two beautiful Bengal boys up north but now have only one. Ironically this self appointed native fauna protector was found to have a rat infestation in the lining of his house by our builder. I guess his sense of smell was contaminated by cordite and his hearing impaired by gunfire.

  3. Great news re Felix. Only a cat could look as imperious as he does in the middle image, all the while sporting a hindquarter crewcut.

  4. I realise this is completely off topic and I apologise. However I look for the voice of reason from NE on the travails of the Labour Party. I read both right and left wing blogs and am tired to the shrill hysteria from both sides. I long for some objective and considered thought that I know you could bring to the discussion.

  5. 5

    Warren Loveridge

    Nearly there:

  6. Hmmm, reminds me of the bowl-hair ad for Vodaphone… ;-)

  7. Can we please have an update on the condition of your Felix. Yes, we know Nicky Hager will reveal everything in good time, but please we need to know now. No seriously, that was serious injury, are things on the improve.

  8. After 10 weeks of ‘cage rest’, Felix has finally been released. Never seen a happier cat!

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